Tuesday, December 31, 2002

End of the year.... 2002. God is good. Thank you, Lord.





Saturday, December 28, 2002

A Charismatic Change Agent:
(great article recommended by Rudy @ UrbanOnramps.com)
"On his tombstone, Tony Campolo says, he wants.... (read the article at ChristianityToday.com).
According to the article.... "Charismatic leader or not, he won't get his wish. They just don't make tombstones that big."

Btw, one preacher recently told me he was going to have this etched on his headstone... "At least I don't have a meeting at church tonight." LOL.

Here at the end of the year, and looking forward to the New Year, perhaps this is a good time to consider... "What would I want written on my tombstone?".

Thursday, December 12, 2002

"You can link a horse to a water, but you can't make him drink."
But over time, if he comes there often enough, someday we'll catch him when he's thirsty.

Thus perhaps the web offers a new-found ray of hope for at least drawing a model in cyberspace, reflecting the tapestry of Christians closer & closer together, for love & impact in their communities. This is the prayer of IndyChristian.com -- the web-portal for Greater Indianapolis Christians. So at the very least, we can begin to link together. But ultimately perhaps, the question then starts becoming...

How do we lift up the name of Christ as ONE harmonized Church of Jesus Christ, to impact our communities? Thankfully there are a great number of churches impacting our communities positively every day -- we now just desire that we become known to those communities as a loving, core-truth body (did I say 'network'?) of Christ-followers. That is very much an integral part of the "Transform Indiana" planning that is happening here in Indy.

We want to be "dangerous" to the gates of hell ! Coming together in prayer is one very key way of doing that. Another key way of becoming dangerous is to become aware of the devil's schemes -- and isn't "Divide and Conquer" much of his methodology? Divorce, cultural pride, socio-economic class, and elevated doctrinal distinctions... to suggest a few. At what point is he using some even-good things as tools against the Church?

How about this -- is it possibly that he's using this as a key piece of propaganda... "Apparently truth is relative, because even the Church effectively teaches that every day, each in their separate silos."? Do we give the appearance of lifting up our church names & activities without first/primarily lifting up a unified Christ and harmoniously-taught core-truth absolutes?

Satan, change your brochures. That might have flown yesterday, but not tomorrow.

God help us.

Sunday, December 08, 2002

The latest....

Years ago, I bought this as a memorable domain-name to pique people's interest... especially as the Holy Spirit leads them. Primarily it's built to point people to the word of God even though they may not be familiar with it. And provide them an avenue to talk to solid born-again Christians when they're ready. Ultimately, we want to care enough to share the Good News (& personal testimonies, at DoYouKnowForSure.com).

Christian Bloggers of the world -- Add this "bait-ing image" to your blog-sites, inviting your surfers to WhenYouNeedSomeone.com, and ultimately to Christ... 24x7. Let me know if you do, we'd like to acknowledge your participation in the project, and send you one of these bumper stickers. Frankly, we're also anxious to encourage our pastors & leaders (like George Barna) about the hope of the future, coming from emerging young web-leaders like yourselves. What do you think? Can bloggers make a difference in our communities in this way?

Naming Names: Dave Baker is a CBMC guy who shares a zeal for pointing people to Christ. And being a techie himself, he enjoys the web's ability to do that pointing process... 24x7. And although it was my dearly-departed mentor who turned me on to God's Phone# (Jer.33:3), it was Dave who compiled the majority of this "God's Phone# Directory" page. Dave's a great encourager -- May God continue to bless you mightily, brother.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Thank you, Lord for your immense grace to us all... and to me personally.

While I've devoted today's "feature" at IndyChristian.com to "Thankfulness" on a wider-group basis, I'd also like to quickly add a personal note of thanks to my personal roots in Christ.... going back to a little country church in the heartland of Illinois...

Back-log: (circa 1950's & 60's) It was here that our extended family worshipped together, and taught future generations to know how much Jesus loves us and offers us a tremendous plan for our lives.... "an offer too good to refuse". We have so much to be eternally thankful for, including God working significantly through my family & their community church.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Da Bears!

Da Colts!

Win alike

We were there (at Memorial Stadium in Champaign). What an awesome comeback at the proverbial 'eleventh hour' of regulation time -- and then a spectacular finish in OT!

Isn't the Christian life like that sometimes? Just when things look really tough, God calls for us to just continue being faithful & persevere. And who knows what He has in store. Maybe a fantastic 'eye-spy' of God in action. Be there. Don't leave 'the game' too early. **smile**

Saturday, November 23, 2002

"Transform Indiana"... This past Thursday was really encouraging. This visionary/planning group met, now for the 7th time, and continues to hang in there against all odds. Their bright hope is to actually see a "paradigm shift" (and I'm not talking about the www, you netizens...LOL) in the way we live our daily lives in our communities. They're praying, planning, and working toward the day that Christians lay self-interest on the altar -- even churches laying self-interest aside -- for the good of our neighbors & whole communities, by modeling & sharing the Good News and its abundant life application.

Indiana_target.gif (26335 bytes)

And "as iron sharpens iron, so one city sharpeneth another" (forgive my modifications) -- this Indianapolis group is greatly encouraged by Chicagoland pastors & leaders involved in their "One Great City" initiative. In fact, we spent a good portion of our meeting, going through a PowerPoint presentation that they have on their website... a good example of how the web does help us "spur one another on toward love & good deeds".

We're also greatly heartened by the Mission America Coalition (Lighthouse Movement) and their thrust toward city-reaching. Yesterday, on their national teleconference call with city-reps, they invited George S. Gallup, Jr. to address issues & answers. What a terrific resource. And as all Christian coalitions, it comes as a result of us putting aside a certain amount of self-interest, and working primarily toward the glory of the name of Christ.

Another great encouragement? These "Transforming Indiana" folks were willing -- in fact inspired -- to continue meeting at the emerging "Urban Collaborative Center". It's hardly because of the facilities at this early stage of its life.... but rather because of their hearts for any and all peoples of Indiana. I call these types of leaders "Driven Christians in the Racing Capital of the World". **smile**

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Back-log: (Circa 1970) -- My personal story....

Btw, this story and the personal stories of others, are now being collected & posted, city by city, at... DoYouKnowForSure.com . [Please pass the word among your friends who might be willing to venture to post their testimony of God's grace... which could be meaningful to someone in your city.]

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Dare we read "alternative" Christian views? ...
Do we really want to change? If so, perhaps there are times we need to deliberately venture a little time in reading & discussing alternative points of view... which, if we end up accepting them, turn out to no longer be an alternative point of view for us. **smile**

Such is the case of a great article I picked up yesterday -- thanks to a tip from "blogs4God".... "The Call of the Wild", by Trygve Johnson.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Voters Change the Senate...
Any way you slice it, it appears that the people have spoken, and President Bush has been blessed with an ability now to get solid court nominees acted upon. Even assuming God is not necessarily a Republican, we do know that He himself is perfect justice and desires that we "act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God". So my hat is off to voters nationwide who essentially voted against the unprecedented injustice of Democrats stymying conservative appointees. Allow me to praise God for this change.

Btw, who could have guessed, that having only narrowly won election himself two years ago, that his personal influence would defy the normal off-year trend and effectively carry the day yesterday? May we as Christians continue to hold him (and all our elected leaders) up in prayer every single day.

And now, for the lighter side...
Rudy has picked up this tidbit -- Florida voters again disgruntled over the voting apparatus. LOL.

It gives me a chance to run one of my favorite pix.... Florida voting machine for 2004...

funnies_florida.jpg (38826 bytes)

Friday, November 01, 2002

Sometimes No Amount of Logic Can Help...

I thank our syndicated blogging friend, Rudy Carassco at UrbanOnramps.com, for pointing out a funny statistic cited in a Miami Herald article this week, about a poll they cited which claimed that 11% of Americans believe the NASA moon landing was a fake. Pardon me for LOLLLLLLLL.

Suddenly though it didn't seem so funny as I remembered Barna research which indicates that now only appx 5% of Americans would fall into a belief category we would call "evangelicals"...

...who say their faith is very important in their life today; believe they have a personal responsibility to share their religious beliefs about Christ with non-Christians; believe that Satan exists; believe that the eternal salvation is possible only through grace, not works; believe that Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth; and describe God as the all-knowing , all-powerful, perfect deity who created the universe and still rules it today.
(definitions & stats from Barna.org)

Shall we then conclude that it is apparently TWICE as easy to convince Americans that the moon landing didn't happen, than to convince them of the core body of truth taught in our Bible-believing churches today?

At the very least, these polls simply bear out what we perhaps already knew... When people don't want to believe something, no amount of logic or evidence will convince them otherwise. It first takes an act of God's Spirit... just as the Bible says. The logic of it all becomes obvious once we get over the hurdle of pride and stop being god.

How can I change? How can anyone change? Step One... pray, repent of our former beliefs & actions, acknowledge Truth. The rest may be easy.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

How about this for a "change", on Halloween?

Look what showed up at our door...

halloween.jpg (24353 bytes)


Or how about this for a change on Halloween? "Wicked, Wacky Wicca"

Naming Names: The authors of that article, Dan & Agusta Harting, readily admit they were former members of a different type of cult. Dan's been an encouraging Christian brother and a member of the accountability group here in Indy that we call our "Ministry Forum". I praise God for this dear brother and for their testimony of "change".

Friday, October 18, 2002

Life... in the final analysis... must be about meetings. Isn't it? I mean, it must be -- look at all the meetings we seem to need to go to these days. LOL. More about yesterday's "Tranforming Indiana" meeting, when I get the minutes from our fearless leader. Til then, I'm busily preparing for another meeting -- this time, a board meeting on Saturday; how unjust is that?

Hey, at the Urban Collaborative Center, one of our very first objectives is to enlist our co-conspirators-for-life (well, at least for the length of our lease). That is, we can have nearly a whole floor there, and are quickly trying to find great collaborative type partners who are also looking to co-locate near other strategic Christians.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Urban Collaborative Center... Today's the day... for initiating a nonprofit corporation to encompass the long-awaited "Urban Tech Ministry" concept, and to co-labor with others. Cyberspace has come down to the ground today. And it is birthed quietly, with corporate signatures & prayer among our friends... today at 5:15pm (Indiana Time).

utc8.jpg (49440 bytes)

(Click for

Naming Names: God has had so very many people involved in the emergence of such a venture -- I could not begin to name them all. Primary among though though, is my good friend and brother in Christ, Ian Hookfin. When Ian was Community Ministries Director at Tab, we conceptualized the value of Christians helping urban communities cross the great "digital divide", thus giving them skills, capabilities and opportunities to compete in a market-driven society which otherwise leaves them further & further behind. We believe God's sense of love & justice demands attention by the Church, to help people cross this widening chasm. In the process, we intend to work shoulder to shoulder with many different peoples, thus closing the multicultural divide as we go. And as we help them cross these great divides, most importantly we want to overtly help them know how they may cross God's eternal divide and enjoy peace with God and the abundant life in Christ... now & forever.

More recently, our mutual friend, Marvin Gainer -- formerly dean of students at The Oaks Academy -- has joined the venture towards collaborating together. Marvin is co-locating his consulting business there, as he seeks to connect urban Christians & their ministries to the resources they need most.

And this short list wouldn't be complete, without crediting some 'driven Christians' who have greatly influenced our thinking as to urban or digital matters... Dr. John Perkins, Dr. Charles Ware, Tim Voorhees, Rudy Carrasco, Jeff Koenig.

And what about our wives who have been supportive of this faith vision? Bobbi Hookfin, Jerylyn Gainer, and my life-partner, Janice... may God specially bless them for their patience & prayerful support.

And this leads me to an unknowing contributor to the puzzle... Andy Stanley is perhaps best known as son of Dr. Charles Stanley. But to me, he's best remembered as author of "Visioneering"... a terrific book on implementing God's vision in our lives. It had monumental impact on the delayed start of the Urban Tech Center entity.

Back-log: (circa 2001) As I contemplated leaving "Tab" and trying to determine "What's Next, Lord?", I very much wanted to immediately launch the Urban Tech Ministry as a 501c3. But it seemed unrealistic as a means of support for my family. How does one know the will of God, anyway? Doesn't that question come up all too often? I mean, the apostle Paul almost always is writing to his constituents that he is praying that they will know the will of God, and live it out. But how do we know His will? Andy Stanley provides great thoughts on the subject -- but I wouldn't want to spoil the reading. [This one's a 'keeper'... I'm headed out to buy the hardback today, for posterity.] My point? Visioneering helped me to better understand where our vision for urban technology would fit nicely into the overall "Transforming Indiana" vision for collaborative ministry in Greater Indianapolis... or for that matter, all of Indiana.

Future-log: Indeed, what will God do among us, if together we aspire to know Him better and to make Him known?

In all our ways, may we trust in the Lord with all our hearts, leaning not on our own understanding, but acknowledging Him... fully assured that He will direct our paths. (Prov. 3:5-6)

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Audit: It's never a pleasant word, is it? Yesterday and today, I'm involved in preparation for an audit, so forgive me for speaking the word -- but it's in the very front of my mind right now. If the Enron & WorldCom fiascos have taught us anything, they've highlighted the importance of the "audit" function, in building quality. Choosing good auditors is imperative.

Who do we have "auditing" our Christian lives, in order to help us build the Christ-like qualities we say we seek?

Naming Names: Jan... my wife... my life companion. Among the many great reasons God gives us these life-companions, one such reason has to be this "accountability" factor. Who else will give us some of the hard feedback at times, except those closest to us and who share the risk of bad decisions? I thank God for my wife... a 'means of grace' in my life.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Me? I didn't go to the White House today... (like one of our blogging friends and his wife & sister), BUT... I feel like I traveled the world today, and just got home. Whew.

At a breakfast meeting this morning, I listened to an inspired talk by Dr. R. Pudaite, Founder of Bibles for the World. We all know that the Word of God is always instrumental in people everywhere coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Dr. Pudaite simply inspired us to take that to heart and do whatever we can to make it possible for EVERY home in the world to have a Bible. He alluded to the (high) number of Bibles we probably all have in our homes, and said their goal was to have ONE Bible in each home before anyone has TWO. **smile** One of their major fields, is India.

Over lunch, I met with my "accountability" group -- a handful of other parachurch leaders here who get together monthly to encourage one another and to get updates, prayer concerns, etc. One of them is Jim Smith, the U.S. Director for Middle East Christian Outreach (MECO). He shared about his organization's zeal for assisting churches in that area of the world... to bring muslims to Christ.

And just now, I finished my "world tour" by meeting with Craig Dyer, President of Bright Hope International -- a Christian relief organization targeting Zambia this year.

I know, I know... the question is obvious... "Where did you find time to go to all these meetings today? Don't you have to make a living?". Yep. "Ministry Support Services" -- that's me. At least in between meals. **LOL**

Naming Names: My Bright Hope connection comes via (the NET, of course... LOL) my praying friend from Chicago, Phil Miglioratti, (National Pastors Prayer Network) involved in PrayChicago.net ... and the national "city-reaching" initiative by the Mission America Coalition (Lighthouse Movement). Btw, Phil is the author of the short-but-inspiring piece called... "Living In a Prayed-for City".

Ok, ok... the guy who DID go to the White House today is a digital co-conspirator in Christ (via LiveChristian.com -- the "Blog Blurb Syndicate")... Rudy Carrasco (UrbanOnramps.com).

At least I got home before you did, Rudy.

Saturday, September 28, 2002

Whistlestops? As our lives barrel down the high-speed rails God predestined for us, what are some of the mile-markers along the way... the 'whistlestops', if you will? Perhaps they're the only things we have much time to journal about anyway, huh? This morning's 'stop' occurred at a little place here in the Broadripple area of Indianapolis, sitting on the old Monon railbed-turned-trail. Not surprisingly, it's known as... "The Whistlestop".

We met for coffee and hammered out the precise mission and key functions of a brand new 501(c)3 organization...

Perhaps to be called the "Christian Collaborative Network"... we share the historical mission of the Church of Jesus Christ -- to "Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever... Together". Our particular emerging role & unique purpose is... "to model & accelerate God's message of reconciling love & justice -- by intentionally facilitating collaboration in diverse settings during an increasingly digital age."

Naming Names? (Stay tuned... )

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Thursday... How many people have an occasional morning like this, I wonder... We WANT to do God's will today, we say. But we oversleep... we don't feel like doing early-morning Bible reading & pray... and when we click on our computers (instead... **rolling eyes**), the darned thing is all haywire. That's the way my morning has gone today.

But did God change? Nope. Was He surprised? No. Did He cause my computer to screw up? Maybe. LOL. My point? He wants me to "Glorify God and enjoy Him... Together", anyway. Rejoice in all things -- even when I don't feel like it. He is good, and He's looking out for our best interests, always. Even on these "bad days".

Just checked... My name's still written in 'the book'. And that's the main thing today.

Btw, it was FrontPage that was giving me fits -- but that's another story.

Naming Names: Evelyn Cosby. Neat lady. She's been involved in a number of urban-related things I'm in touch with, here in Indy. May God bless her this special day.

Now... back to FrontPage... Why was it so important this morning, anyway?

Back-log: (circa 1997) Decided to acquire a new capability -- to publish on the WWW. Why? ...because I had concluded that the capability to publish... at the speed of Light... would help accelerate the Church... and thus, to change the world for Christ. Why FrontPage? Because I have a Microsoft 'tatoo' of sorts -- because when it comes to profane things, I like to leverage the existing COMMON technologies rather than chronically swim upstream against the flow. I've never intimated MS is the best -- it may not be -- but it's the most common, and that serves our higher purpose, Christians, when it comes to COLLABORATING in love & unity.

Future-log: So whatever is the most common techno-playing-field, let's use it -- and let's sharpen each other. That being said, anyone want to advise a better overall publishing software for Christian webmasters? Email me.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Sunday.... If I had but 3 wishes today...
#1. I wish everyone could enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
#2. I wish I was more Christ-like.
#3. I wish everyone could go to River Oaks, if for no other reason than to someday be able to say, "I was there the day Marcus' streak came to an end and he inadvertantly preached his first bad sermon." [It's what gets us all out of our beds on Sunday morning... we don't want to take a chance on missing that day. LOL]

Fact is, Marcus is a great teacher & model... and it's a neat place. Btw, what makes a good church a "good church", anyway?

Naming Names: I'll even name the name-namer... Tim Voorhees, Covenant.net... the first person mention the name "IndyChristian.com" for the Christian web-portal I had just started for Greater Indianapolis. I also credit Tim with a profound statement about our collaborative internet strategies. To this day, I remember the conversation in a restaurant parking lot, when Tim hit the proverbial nail on the head as we parted... "You go long; I'll go deep." [Hmmm. Stay tuned...]

Tim, as you'll come to know, is one of the innovative Christians who truly grasps the potential of this great gift God has given the Church today, to change the way we live personally... and "do church" corporately.

Other "malcontents" **LOL** ...dissatisfied with just "doing church" here in Suburbia... were Jeb Gaither, Grace & Peace. Jim Furey, Trinity PCA... guys driven to "do church" better than we've been doing it. They dared to pose the question we've all pondered at one time or another.... ie, "What is a MODEL church?". But thinking back, we not only pondered....

Back-log... (circa 2000) Setting... a "Bob Evans" restaurant in suburbia... any suburbia, really. 6:00am. Hoosier roosters hadn't even had their coffee yet. But four of us met monthly at this ungodly hour.... to discuss the question, and hope to build a (clickable) "model" of the MODEL church.

After all, when congregations want to build a new building, what do they do? Early on, some of them get together over coffee and start scratching it out on a restaurant napkin first, right? LOL. Then what? An architect draws it officially. And often they have to build a scale model for people to really catch the vision, right? Now imagine if that little model has tiny swinging doors, windows that open & shut, moveable furniture, a little bell in the tower that really rings, and some life-like little figures to go with it all. A "life-like model", you might say.

Future-log: Someday soon, we'll share our 'clickable' collaborative model(s) out here on the net. In the meantime, you thought-leaders out there might want do Tim's online questionaire about the model "Covenant Community"... ie, use the net today, to make a difference tomorrow. Encourage your blog-roll to do likewise?

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Saturday... Thank you, Pam Kemp, for the perfect quote to go with the "Got Change, Baby". Too perfect to pass up when I saw it. LOL.

This was a great week. I enjoyed the opportunity to teach a segment re "Finances & Stewardship" at Crossroads Bible College... where they "Train Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ." Great mission. Great school. Great young potential leaders.

Another huge milestone event this week: Our vision is starting to meet reality. The 'virtual world' hits 'the ground'. Ian & I were approved for a most unique setting as we launch the long-awaited "Urban Tech Centers" ministry here in Indianapolis. It's been a long wait, but we praise God for supplying exactly what we dreamed about as a sign to 'get going'. Lord willing, we will do our share to "Bridge the Great Divides"... ie, the Digital Divide, the Multicultural Divide and God's Eternal Divide... and utilize the technologies & trained workers there, to provide the future digital needs of Greater Indianapolis Christian initiatives.

One such venture that is also just now starting to take shape now is the "Transform Indiana" initiative among Greater Indianapolis churches & ministries. We met Thursday night for the 5th monthly meeting, and have finished hammering out some of the necessary organizational items, and are now ready to get down to work making a difference, Lord willing. We're greatly moved by the "Transformational Video" about change occurring in other cities. Not coincidentally, our monthly meetings fall on the same day as Mission America's (Lighthouse Movement) teleconference calls to a 100 city-reachers across the U.S. [IndyChristian.com represents Indianapolis, of course, and ChristianCities.net would lead you to many other such web-portals hoping to stimulate and support change in their cities, through Christians coming together in love, for prayer & action in the name of Jesus.]

And last but not least, despite having tornadoes hit in several places across Indy yesterday, not a life was lost. The IndyStar called it a "miracle". Certainly one lady believes in miracles, as she & her son were spared their lives after riding in a funnel cloud and living to tell about it. Hmmmm.

Even 'ol St. Nick dodged the bullet. LOL.

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Sunday... It's been a good & busy week. Thanks Lord, for creating a special day per week to deliberately take a break and be able to spend time together with others, reflecting on you. Really enjoyed worship this morning with other believers in our community. That's one terrific part of living here in the Greater Indianapolis area -- there's no shortage of Christ-honoring churches to become a part of. River Oaks is no exception. But the list goes on & on.

Naming Names: Had coffee yesterday with one of my "Monon Trail" friends. Steve Ellson has a heart for networking among likeminded believers. Accordingly, he's involved in a number of church/ministry/business activities around the city. He always seems to be helping one of them or another -- and very capably at that -- putting good people in touch with other good people he knows. Example: CBMC Indiana -- he's helping get a "Communications Team" going which will have impact all around the state of Indiana. And he's actively involved with some Christian 'singles' initiatives around town. But when he's not doing something for others, he's out looking for his next (real) job. Steve has a resume filled with HR & training experience -- but with the job market being soft right now, personnel departments often seem to get hit first. I keep trying to talk him into taking on a collaborative development of a city-wide Christian jobs network. He knows it'd be a great thing, but to date, it hardly appears that it could pay its way. Could it? Would area churches support such an endeavor? Any ideas, anyone? I continue to pray that God will place my good friend Steve in just the right situation next.

Back-log: (circa 2001) Wanting to see e-connected Christians start networking more easily in real-time (via chat presumably), I started LiveChristian.com as a gathering place. Remember LivePerson.com? Anyway, I co-parked it with ChristianCities.net in hopes of 'cross-pollinating' Christians from one school of web-thought to another nearby school of web-thought. Btw, I had previously started ChristianCities.net as an encouragement to other webmasters who might start a city-portal in their area, as I was trying to model at IndyChristian.com. The vision for "LiveChristian" (also an alias on AOL, so add us to your Buddy-list) was/is to enlist 7 e-capable, C-centered Christians in each of the 24 time-zones around the world, to man the AOL alias "LiveChristian"... and thus post a "friendly doorman" for the Church, online 24x7... capable of cogently sharing our faith, referring people with heartfelt needs, and just generally directing traffic among driven, 'collaborative Christians'.

Future-log: Now fast-forward that concept to today's "blogging" craze! LiveChristian.com today introduced the first in a series of up & coming 'syndicated' Christian bloggers. It's a collaborative effort initiated with the Harambee team hiding out at Urban Onramps. The vision is not terribly unlike "Leap-Blogging", as coined by Bene Diction, hoping to accelerate this new capability among Christians. But how would I have heard of it but for one of my favorite internet evangelism bloggers... Andrew Careaga? Our vision version is to rapidly build a network of solid born-again, well-connected, thought-leaders to provide fresh content to city-portals such as IndyChristian.com . By providing this new capability, we desire for Christians to be able to readily 'connect' with other Christians in their area, for impact in the name of Christ. I guess we'll see where it goes, huh? Pray that God may bless all efforts in faith around the world, at the speed-of-Light.

If YOU'RE one of us -- or as we say of Christians in Indy, if you're living "New Life In The Fast Lane" and would be interested in joining this syndicated effort, we'd be glad to have you join the race. Just email us.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Wednesday... Sept. 11 -- a big day for all of us. At IndyChristian.com today, our special "Site of the Day" was primarily a poem, "9/11 Before and After", by a Christian web-log author and friend of mine. It's beautiful.

I spent the day as a volunteer chauffeur, driving an ex-NFL pro around to schools in Indy, to talk with the kids. Sports World, Inc. provides pro athletes as speakers for public and private schools around the country. At 6' 6", 315, John Earle was not only fascinating to me as an adult, but these kids were spellbound, listening to this powerful giant of a guy. Sept.11, 2001 had special meaning to him, as a native from N.J... just outside NYC. This big fella could hardly speak of it at first. He then energized these kids to dream and set goals, to learn every day from wise people around them, and to persevere in hard work. He gave them hope and inspiration. Then he shared his personal experiences, including some rough spots and the wisdom and eternal insights given to him by some very godly people in his life. Every kid left with a football card... and a dream to (truly) succeed in life.

Along the way, we also met Roy, a young African-American teacher in the public school system. He too is a Christian who has succeeded in his own right, and also is revered by these kids. He's is a professional in his field... impacting his kids with solid values and backing it up as a role model himself.... every day of the week.

I was honored to have encountered them both.

Future-log: So who will impact our future the most? Terrorists? Or solid Christian leaders like these two men? I'll bet on the Johns & Roys every time. Terrorists are unusual... so they make the news occasionally. But way more prolific are the effects of Christians, past and present, as evidenced when we drive by our hospitals, missions, schools and churches, on our way to our productive jobs, and back to our (usually) peaceful neighborhoods and safe homes. Yeah, I'll bet on the Word of God and those who will learn from it, and teach others to set goals based on it.

Monday, September 09, 2002

Monday... Got a big week ahead, huh... what, with 9/11 nearly upon us again. Think back to 9/9 of 2001. It's hard to even be able to remember our pre-911 naivete. And then suddenly, 2 days later, a quantum-leap in "learning" -- we're aware of so much more. Is this the way we humans are forever doomed to learning, or isn't there something in between? Is "shock-value" our only teacher?

Saturday, September 07, 2002

Saturday... Gotta love Saturdays, huh? After updating IndyChristian.com in a few moments, I'll be heading out to the trail to log some time with friends. But first, the site update. Today's the kick-off of a new syndicating technique we're developing in order for city-webmasters like myself, to easily feature a different blogger each day. The technique may be ours, but the programming subroutine is borrowed from DynamicDrive. So in the upcoming week, we'll be featuring some different faces daily... stay tuned.

Naming Names: He jests that 'great minds run the same channels', but Rudy Carrasco, Urban Onramps, scares me. Yesterday, as I theorized about a "day in the life of a Christian student" blog, he emailed me the link to his "Harambee Diaspora", where we're introduced to a number of Harambee students... Von, Deon, Rebecca, Donald, Brandon, Kariem, Flo, Victor, Jamaal... oh, and a teacher... Rudi's wife, Kafi... and last but not least, Derek Perkins -- Harambee's director. Did you know Harambee Center was founded by Dr. John Perkins? Btw, Rudy has a few other friends around the country... here's one...

Btw, the guy on the right is Rudy. Can't really tell who the other fellow is with his back to us.

Back-log: (circa 1999) I was considering going on staff at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church here in urban Indianapolis, as Administrator. I had just founded IndyChristian.com, expressly to help the Greater Indianapolis church community negotiate change during the 'paradigm shift'. And as one of our 'racing team' "Sites of the Day", I had featured TabPres.org. I remember to this day, that one particularly cool element of their site at that time was a VRML controllable fish-eye view of their historic old gymnasium at the church. Among other good reasons to accept the position, I really appreciated the fact that apparently there were some innovative Christians who hung out there. And I was right. After I joined the staff, Jeff Koenig -- Tab's webmaster -- became a good friend and a chronic encourager of 'new paradigm' thinking. Drowning in a sea of historic traditionists there **LOL**, we huddled monthly with the few other off-beat bravehearts of innovation and enjoyed brainstorming about how God had gifted the Church of Jesus Christ with this new-found capability of spreading the Gospel at the speed-of-light. Jeff & I have since moved on, but our impact at Tab was felt... Now they're REALLY terrified of change! LOL.

Future-log: However, the internet continues to develop as a change-agent's best tool. IndyChristian.com has blossomed and spawned several other new sites... such as DoYouKnowForSure.com to do outright evangelism... 24x7. In fact, I'll hope to participate in the upcoming, first of its kind, Internet Evangelism Conference to take place in Chicago later this month. How cool is that? The internet and its daily impact on lives, continues to flourish; while traditional churches stagnate and dwindle. So what is the future of the Church? Does it take a prophet to predict it.... or just a good mathematician? (Thoughts anyone?)

Friday, September 06, 2002

Friday... Man, where did this week go?????? I love "(new) life in the fast lane", but when it's going so fast you don't even have time to write down the significant elements, that's what you call a race! **smile**

Monday, September 02, 2002

Labor Day... I just finished updating IndyChristian.com -- "Starting-line for Greater Indianapolis Christians". We feature a different local ministry every day. Pretty typically on holidays, I do what everyone else does... get outta town. LOL. So our featured "Site of the Day" isn't locally-driven today. I took everyone to ChristianityToday.com's special Labor Day page. Interestingly though, one of their articles is on "God's Contractor" -- Millard Fuller, Founder, Habitat for Humanity... who is coming soon to Indy to pray with our city leaders at the Indianapolis Leadership Prayer Breakfast. I'm on the prayer breakfast committee... as if you couldn't tell from our chronic promos at IC of the breakfast. LOL.

Naming names: Btw, the committee also includes Eldon Kibbey, my good friend and the Indiana director for CBMC (fka/ Christian Businessmen's Committee). He's been a great friend and helpful networker in the business-professional community... and a godly example for me. Gotta love him. Thanks God, for Eldon.

Back-log: (circa 1987) When I first came to Coral Ridge, a gentleman with a disarming smile, Mr. Charlie Hainline, (another CBMC'er, btw -- a great organization of leader-builders) immediately took me under his wing and greatly influenced my life in the area of goal-setting. To know him was to know humility -- a self-described 'poor Kentucky farm-boy'. Yet not a person of low self-worth or direction, his worth was found in where he was headed and the 'checks' he could cash or better still, give away. His winning smile endorsed his challenges, and we listened. While there's so much that could be said about him, I believe his final set of annual goals -- at age 78 -- speak most eloquently for themselves.... (click)

Future-log: From that moment on, I've started understanding more & more about the value of having a godly mentor. The times I've failed the worst, are the 'vacation-years (lapses) from setting goals and exchanging them with an accountability mentor to pray for me. [Maybe I'll introduce you to some other mentors in the near future.] "We make it our goal to please Him." Lord willing, I intend to set goals, as Charlie did... til I reach my goal... of being with Christ. Thus the motivation to start Goalies.net. I wonder if anyone else sees the value?

Sunday, September 01, 2002

Sunday... Gotta love "Punky" (littlest family member). No bother; loves to love & be loved at just the right times; did I mention "no chewed-up glasses"? She's great. On the other hand... ahem... Mr. "Scout" ... well that's a story for another time. Anyway, we just got back from church. I couldn't help but be moved by worship today. One of the songs we sang this morning took me back a few years and really sums up my sentiments to this day...

"Knowing You, Jesus... There is no greater thing."

Back-log: (circa 1996) I sat on the back row of a South Florida church... mortified at how I could fly in the face of God... and yet still He loved me... and forgave & forgives me. (II Tim 2:11-13). Knowing Jesus, there is no greater thing... indeed.

Future-log: How can I NOT want to know Him better, respond to His love more obediently, walk more humbly, and truly 'love my neighbors as myself'... starting by keeping Jesus and my closest "neighbors"...well, closest.

Saturday, August 31, 2002

Ah, Saturday ! Trail-time with some of my Christian friends, Ian, Christine, Steve, Christy, and my dog "Scout" **rolling eyes**. Every week it's different... some run, some walk, some only talk, some bark. It's a great opportunity to get some exercise and at the same time get "sharpened". (Prov. 27:17) To paraphrase Charles "Tremendous" Jones, "In five years, we will be only what we are today, but for the people we meet and the books we read.... (oh yeah, Charlie... and "the sites we surf").

Backlog: (circa 1975) That reminds me of my wise old boss from years ago -- Tommy House. [I'm serious, that's really his name.]. He used to caution me, "When a person tells you they have 25 years of experience, find out if it's really only 1 year's experience, 25 times." [Whether or not I realized it as a brash young controller, I learned a lot from ol' Tommy. And even at retirement age, he was still learning... every single day. An avid reader. And he bought every innovative piece of equipment he came across. Drove my 'budget' crazy... but the business flourished. Hmmm.]

FutureLog: I think I'll re-read "The Dash". Sometimes it helps to think about our "end game", doesn't it? Funny thing, my cousin Lynda just emailed this poem to me, not knowing it's already a major bullet on my personal "Christian Scorecard (...Scorecard? What scorecard? More about that tomorrow, perhaps.).

Friday, August 30, 2002

[But first... Happy Birthday, Mom!]
Now... As this log rolls forward, I think I'd like to occasionally flash BACK to some things which brought me to this point. Dare I call it a "back-log"? And btw, they weren't always good. In fact, I dare say that some past experiences -- which flew in the face of God -- brought me to a point of really wanting to examine my Christian life, and comparatively, the Bible's call for Christian living. Thus a very recognized need for change. And presumably, not just any change will do; I want godly change. But how? (more later, my friends).

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Purpose: Chronicaling Change:
This is just to chronical the long, tedious process of getting "change" to happen. No wonder it takes an almighty, all-powerful and all-patient God to change us.


Hey buddy... Got change for a Blog?

Hey buddy.... Got change for a Blog?
Opening Credits: My wife (Jan), sons (Brian & Stephen), many family-members, and many many friends have encouraged me over the years... ("to change, for heaven sakes!" LOL). Accordingly, among my future log-entries I intend to name names... so look out! **wink** But regarding "blogging" itself, I'm inspired by the effective communication style of a friend, innovatively apt in a loving & diverse ministry, Rudy Carrasco... UrbanOnramps.com ... and a college collegue... Liz LeMond, ("Cybrarian"). And as always, I'm very grateful for my friend, fellow-brainstormer & technician... Jeff Koenig.