Friday, January 31, 2003

An Open Letter to Eric Miller (& Micah Clark)...  

Thanks for helping prioritize the values of our churches & charities during economically stressful times for the Indiana legislature and our govenor's administration. As you've well pointed out, we the citizens are already paying high taxes of multiple varieties, including the taxes on our 'corporations' which trickle-down to us as well.  Admittedly, it is the job of government to help provide justice & mercy, notably as they prioritize their methods and targets for taxation and assistance. 

Thus the logic of 'sin-taxes' seems wise -- taxing the downsides of societal good. But the logic of taxing the best & most productive elements of society escapes me. Our churches & charities rely heavily on volunteerism and goodwill... and thus leverage every dollar they have available. Why on earth would we as a great state, start especially leaning on the individuals who support these organizations with their dollars, in order to fund government -- which does its work via paid employees, and seldom with volunteers? 

When that day comes, it's a sad day in a great state. 

Alternatively, what a moving experience it was to hear 2,000 people sing "God Bless America" throughout the Statehouse yesterday. We praise God for moving our forefathers to allow us such privileges. And we thank you for trying to protect some of the other privileges they fought so hard to establish for the good of our nation & communities. 

Thanks for all you're doing for those of us who are willing to give of our time & money, and on behalf of those in need of mercy & justice here in our city & state.  Accordingly, we're highlighting your message today at , when apparently the local media is trying to look the other way. 

Respectfully, In Christ, 
Neil Cox 

"Connecting The Local Christian Community"

"Truth will prevail. And Truth at the speed-of-light will prevail at the speed-of-Light."

Thursday, January 16, 2003

"Transform Indiana" Initiative....

We had a GREAT meeting yesterday, praying, networking, and planning together.... to somehow, someway, Lord willing, to take our personal & Church & communities' transformation to the next level here in Greater Indianapolis and throughout our great state. Each of us gathered there no doubt represented very different backgrounds, churches or ministries, politics even... but shared one very DRIVING goal here in the Racing Capital of the World... and that is that Christ be glorified here. One Christ. One Faith. One Baptism.

Here in Indy, if ya snooze, ya lose.

Monday, 1/20/03, MLK Holiday, is another opportunity for the "innovative types" of Christians here. "Innovation Forum", we're calling it.

Naming Names: In fact, one of the innovators who's driving in for this get-together, is one of the Christian bloggers being read from around the globe... Josh Claybourn, pundit at Should be very stimulating conversation.

Stay tuned.