Thursday, October 31, 2002

How about this for a "change", on Halloween?

Look what showed up at our door...

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Or how about this for a change on Halloween? "Wicked, Wacky Wicca"

Naming Names: The authors of that article, Dan & Agusta Harting, readily admit they were former members of a different type of cult. Dan's been an encouraging Christian brother and a member of the accountability group here in Indy that we call our "Ministry Forum". I praise God for this dear brother and for their testimony of "change".

Friday, October 18, 2002

Life... in the final analysis... must be about meetings. Isn't it? I mean, it must be -- look at all the meetings we seem to need to go to these days. LOL. More about yesterday's "Tranforming Indiana" meeting, when I get the minutes from our fearless leader. Til then, I'm busily preparing for another meeting -- this time, a board meeting on Saturday; how unjust is that?

Hey, at the Urban Collaborative Center, one of our very first objectives is to enlist our co-conspirators-for-life (well, at least for the length of our lease). That is, we can have nearly a whole floor there, and are quickly trying to find great collaborative type partners who are also looking to co-locate near other strategic Christians.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Urban Collaborative Center... Today's the day... for initiating a nonprofit corporation to encompass the long-awaited "Urban Tech Ministry" concept, and to co-labor with others. Cyberspace has come down to the ground today. And it is birthed quietly, with corporate signatures & prayer among our friends... today at 5:15pm (Indiana Time).

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Naming Names: God has had so very many people involved in the emergence of such a venture -- I could not begin to name them all. Primary among though though, is my good friend and brother in Christ, Ian Hookfin. When Ian was Community Ministries Director at Tab, we conceptualized the value of Christians helping urban communities cross the great "digital divide", thus giving them skills, capabilities and opportunities to compete in a market-driven society which otherwise leaves them further & further behind. We believe God's sense of love & justice demands attention by the Church, to help people cross this widening chasm. In the process, we intend to work shoulder to shoulder with many different peoples, thus closing the multicultural divide as we go. And as we help them cross these great divides, most importantly we want to overtly help them know how they may cross God's eternal divide and enjoy peace with God and the abundant life in Christ... now & forever.

More recently, our mutual friend, Marvin Gainer -- formerly dean of students at The Oaks Academy -- has joined the venture towards collaborating together. Marvin is co-locating his consulting business there, as he seeks to connect urban Christians & their ministries to the resources they need most.

And this short list wouldn't be complete, without crediting some 'driven Christians' who have greatly influenced our thinking as to urban or digital matters... Dr. John Perkins, Dr. Charles Ware, Tim Voorhees, Rudy Carrasco, Jeff Koenig.

And what about our wives who have been supportive of this faith vision? Bobbi Hookfin, Jerylyn Gainer, and my life-partner, Janice... may God specially bless them for their patience & prayerful support.

And this leads me to an unknowing contributor to the puzzle... Andy Stanley is perhaps best known as son of Dr. Charles Stanley. But to me, he's best remembered as author of "Visioneering"... a terrific book on implementing God's vision in our lives. It had monumental impact on the delayed start of the Urban Tech Center entity.

Back-log: (circa 2001) As I contemplated leaving "Tab" and trying to determine "What's Next, Lord?", I very much wanted to immediately launch the Urban Tech Ministry as a 501c3. But it seemed unrealistic as a means of support for my family. How does one know the will of God, anyway? Doesn't that question come up all too often? I mean, the apostle Paul almost always is writing to his constituents that he is praying that they will know the will of God, and live it out. But how do we know His will? Andy Stanley provides great thoughts on the subject -- but I wouldn't want to spoil the reading. [This one's a 'keeper'... I'm headed out to buy the hardback today, for posterity.] My point? Visioneering helped me to better understand where our vision for urban technology would fit nicely into the overall "Transforming Indiana" vision for collaborative ministry in Greater Indianapolis... or for that matter, all of Indiana.

Future-log: Indeed, what will God do among us, if together we aspire to know Him better and to make Him known?

In all our ways, may we trust in the Lord with all our hearts, leaning not on our own understanding, but acknowledging Him... fully assured that He will direct our paths. (Prov. 3:5-6)

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Audit: It's never a pleasant word, is it? Yesterday and today, I'm involved in preparation for an audit, so forgive me for speaking the word -- but it's in the very front of my mind right now. If the Enron & WorldCom fiascos have taught us anything, they've highlighted the importance of the "audit" function, in building quality. Choosing good auditors is imperative.

Who do we have "auditing" our Christian lives, in order to help us build the Christ-like qualities we say we seek?

Naming Names: Jan... my wife... my life companion. Among the many great reasons God gives us these life-companions, one such reason has to be this "accountability" factor. Who else will give us some of the hard feedback at times, except those closest to us and who share the risk of bad decisions? I thank God for my wife... a 'means of grace' in my life.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Me? I didn't go to the White House today... (like one of our blogging friends and his wife & sister), BUT... I feel like I traveled the world today, and just got home. Whew.

At a breakfast meeting this morning, I listened to an inspired talk by Dr. R. Pudaite, Founder of Bibles for the World. We all know that the Word of God is always instrumental in people everywhere coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Dr. Pudaite simply inspired us to take that to heart and do whatever we can to make it possible for EVERY home in the world to have a Bible. He alluded to the (high) number of Bibles we probably all have in our homes, and said their goal was to have ONE Bible in each home before anyone has TWO. **smile** One of their major fields, is India.

Over lunch, I met with my "accountability" group -- a handful of other parachurch leaders here who get together monthly to encourage one another and to get updates, prayer concerns, etc. One of them is Jim Smith, the U.S. Director for Middle East Christian Outreach (MECO). He shared about his organization's zeal for assisting churches in that area of the world... to bring muslims to Christ.

And just now, I finished my "world tour" by meeting with Craig Dyer, President of Bright Hope International -- a Christian relief organization targeting Zambia this year.

I know, I know... the question is obvious... "Where did you find time to go to all these meetings today? Don't you have to make a living?". Yep. "Ministry Support Services" -- that's me. At least in between meals. **LOL**

Naming Names: My Bright Hope connection comes via (the NET, of course... LOL) my praying friend from Chicago, Phil Miglioratti, (National Pastors Prayer Network) involved in ... and the national "city-reaching" initiative by the Mission America Coalition (Lighthouse Movement). Btw, Phil is the author of the short-but-inspiring piece called... "Living In a Prayed-for City".

Ok, ok... the guy who DID go to the White House today is a digital co-conspirator in Christ (via -- the "Blog Blurb Syndicate")... Rudy Carrasco (

At least I got home before you did, Rudy.