Sunday, December 08, 2002

The latest....

Years ago, I bought this as a memorable domain-name to pique people's interest... especially as the Holy Spirit leads them. Primarily it's built to point people to the word of God even though they may not be familiar with it. And provide them an avenue to talk to solid born-again Christians when they're ready. Ultimately, we want to care enough to share the Good News (& personal testimonies, at

Christian Bloggers of the world -- Add this "bait-ing image" to your blog-sites, inviting your surfers to, and ultimately to Christ... 24x7. Let me know if you do, we'd like to acknowledge your participation in the project, and send you one of these bumper stickers. Frankly, we're also anxious to encourage our pastors & leaders (like George Barna) about the hope of the future, coming from emerging young web-leaders like yourselves. What do you think? Can bloggers make a difference in our communities in this way?

Naming Names: Dave Baker is a CBMC guy who shares a zeal for pointing people to Christ. And being a techie himself, he enjoys the web's ability to do that pointing process... 24x7. And although it was my dearly-departed mentor who turned me on to God's Phone# (Jer.33:3), it was Dave who compiled the majority of this "God's Phone# Directory" page. Dave's a great encourager -- May God continue to bless you mightily, brother.

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