Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don't Blame Me... It's The Power Of Untamed New Media

I have 'no idea' how this sudden phenomenon got started, but I suspect one of my mischievous, e-capable friends.

[And you know who you are... so BEWARE... LOL.]

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Do You Have Luddite Ears?

Do you still have rabbit ears? I do.

And sure, I try to hide 'em.

Does that make me a closet-Luddite? I try to hide that too. LOL.

At the same time, all this is very much at the heart of why I do what I do.

Free is good. Free is scalable. So I like to promote free things... like free learning opportunities, free Bible-reading, free prayer and free/easy internet capabilities everyone can have.

But sometimes 'free' is very costly... in terms of your time.

Take free tv, for instance. To get 11 minutes of pure content during the evening news, I may sit through 7 minutes of news-teasers... to get me to sit through 12 minutes of (OMG, Andy Mohr) commercials.

And on-average, broadcast TV's programming really stinks... at least for 'driven Christians' to be watching/digesting regularly. I won't begin to name all the examples, but you know what they are.

Accordingly, I find myself watching less and less television. And more and more internet videos. Apparently so are other 'average Americans'.

Thus our move toward delivering 'IndyChristian.TV' to you. The point is for us to go 'pre-surf' for you, and find the best video content for LOCAL Christians who are actively engaged in the (whole) Great Commission. And increasingly, we're finding great videos produced by churches, ministries, and even by youthful individuals with e-capabilities.

So we're off and running now... adding new videos nearly every day now. How about YOUR favorite videos? Email us the link for consideration...

"Friends, Romans, Neighbors... lend us your videos."

P.S.... Anyone need some rabbit-ears? I'm just about done with 'em altogether.