Saturday, September 07, 2002

Saturday... Gotta love Saturdays, huh? After updating in a few moments, I'll be heading out to the trail to log some time with friends. But first, the site update. Today's the kick-off of a new syndicating technique we're developing in order for city-webmasters like myself, to easily feature a different blogger each day. The technique may be ours, but the programming subroutine is borrowed from DynamicDrive. So in the upcoming week, we'll be featuring some different faces daily... stay tuned.

Naming Names: He jests that 'great minds run the same channels', but Rudy Carrasco, Urban Onramps, scares me. Yesterday, as I theorized about a "day in the life of a Christian student" blog, he emailed me the link to his "Harambee Diaspora", where we're introduced to a number of Harambee students... Von, Deon, Rebecca, Donald, Brandon, Kariem, Flo, Victor, Jamaal... oh, and a teacher... Rudi's wife, Kafi... and last but not least, Derek Perkins -- Harambee's director. Did you know Harambee Center was founded by Dr. John Perkins? Btw, Rudy has a few other friends around the country... here's one...

Btw, the guy on the right is Rudy. Can't really tell who the other fellow is with his back to us.

Back-log: (circa 1999) I was considering going on staff at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church here in urban Indianapolis, as Administrator. I had just founded, expressly to help the Greater Indianapolis church community negotiate change during the 'paradigm shift'. And as one of our 'racing team' "Sites of the Day", I had featured I remember to this day, that one particularly cool element of their site at that time was a VRML controllable fish-eye view of their historic old gymnasium at the church. Among other good reasons to accept the position, I really appreciated the fact that apparently there were some innovative Christians who hung out there. And I was right. After I joined the staff, Jeff Koenig -- Tab's webmaster -- became a good friend and a chronic encourager of 'new paradigm' thinking. Drowning in a sea of historic traditionists there **LOL**, we huddled monthly with the few other off-beat bravehearts of innovation and enjoyed brainstorming about how God had gifted the Church of Jesus Christ with this new-found capability of spreading the Gospel at the speed-of-light. Jeff & I have since moved on, but our impact at Tab was felt... Now they're REALLY terrified of change! LOL.

Future-log: However, the internet continues to develop as a change-agent's best tool. has blossomed and spawned several other new sites... such as to do outright evangelism... 24x7. In fact, I'll hope to participate in the upcoming, first of its kind, Internet Evangelism Conference to take place in Chicago later this month. How cool is that? The internet and its daily impact on lives, continues to flourish; while traditional churches stagnate and dwindle. So what is the future of the Church? Does it take a prophet to predict it.... or just a good mathematician? (Thoughts anyone?)

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