Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Audit: It's never a pleasant word, is it? Yesterday and today, I'm involved in preparation for an audit, so forgive me for speaking the word -- but it's in the very front of my mind right now. If the Enron & WorldCom fiascos have taught us anything, they've highlighted the importance of the "audit" function, in building quality. Choosing good auditors is imperative.

Who do we have "auditing" our Christian lives, in order to help us build the Christ-like qualities we say we seek?

Naming Names: Jan... my wife... my life companion. Among the many great reasons God gives us these life-companions, one such reason has to be this "accountability" factor. Who else will give us some of the hard feedback at times, except those closest to us and who share the risk of bad decisions? I thank God for my wife... a 'means of grace' in my life.

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