Friday, May 05, 2006

  • 'internet phase one' was about creating 'brochureware' sites... that is, static ministry or business websites that didn't change particularly often; and...
  • 'internet phase two' was about adding fresh-content frequently on your ministry or business site...


  • 'internet phase three' will be about accelerating everything via 'tagging'. That is, quickly pointing to, and archiving, great items on the web.

And that's always been the case, really. Leaders tag.

They see which way we need to go in order to accomplish our collective purpose. And they lead the way there, tagging the way for the rest of us.

Only now it can be done at the speed of Light.

Thus the need now for innovative leaders to step up and 'tag' great sites, blogs, articles, photos, and videos. And they're already doing it. Very often by obtaining a personal ID at -- In fact, here's my personal tagging page there... .

At this point let me suggest that 'tagging' is something that you just have to start doing before you can really understand it very well. So let me just encourage you to 'trust me'... Go get an ID there... look around a bit... try 'tagging something'... and then come back. We'll talk.


For those of you who already 'get it'... and probably 'got it' long before I did, even... please consider going out and tagging all the great evangelistic sites, presentations, videos, etc.... with at least the special tag 'ied' -- Internet Evangelism Day... which is Sunday May 7th.

[But remember, doesn't update their search-engine immediately... it may take 24 hours for your tagging to be seen by the rest of us. So to be safe, try to do your tagging asap.]

The leading Christian news-aggregator on the web today -- -- has promised to try to compile a link-list of all the great IED sites, at their site for May 7th publication. So let's try to tag as many such sites as possible for them before Sunday.


And lastly, perhaps the only thing better than tagging, is a whole team of Bible-believing taggers working together in the future.

So for any of you who will tag your personal online site, blog or bio... with a "T4G" tag.... as in ''... we will try to check your site out and perhaps wrangle a special invite for you, to '' site so you can participate with us as we attempt to accelerate the gospel throughout the world. [ is by INVITATION ONLY. And sorry, I know that's not telling you much, but as they say... "If I told you the rest I'd have to kill ya." LOL]