Sunday, September 15, 2002

Sunday... It's been a good & busy week. Thanks Lord, for creating a special day per week to deliberately take a break and be able to spend time together with others, reflecting on you. Really enjoyed worship this morning with other believers in our community. That's one terrific part of living here in the Greater Indianapolis area -- there's no shortage of Christ-honoring churches to become a part of. River Oaks is no exception. But the list goes on & on.

Naming Names: Had coffee yesterday with one of my "Monon Trail" friends. Steve Ellson has a heart for networking among likeminded believers. Accordingly, he's involved in a number of church/ministry/business activities around the city. He always seems to be helping one of them or another -- and very capably at that -- putting good people in touch with other good people he knows. Example: CBMC Indiana -- he's helping get a "Communications Team" going which will have impact all around the state of Indiana. And he's actively involved with some Christian 'singles' initiatives around town. But when he's not doing something for others, he's out looking for his next (real) job. Steve has a resume filled with HR & training experience -- but with the job market being soft right now, personnel departments often seem to get hit first. I keep trying to talk him into taking on a collaborative development of a city-wide Christian jobs network. He knows it'd be a great thing, but to date, it hardly appears that it could pay its way. Could it? Would area churches support such an endeavor? Any ideas, anyone? I continue to pray that God will place my good friend Steve in just the right situation next.

Back-log: (circa 2001) Wanting to see e-connected Christians start networking more easily in real-time (via chat presumably), I started as a gathering place. Remember Anyway, I co-parked it with in hopes of 'cross-pollinating' Christians from one school of web-thought to another nearby school of web-thought. Btw, I had previously started as an encouragement to other webmasters who might start a city-portal in their area, as I was trying to model at The vision for "LiveChristian" (also an alias on AOL, so add us to your Buddy-list) was/is to enlist 7 e-capable, C-centered Christians in each of the 24 time-zones around the world, to man the AOL alias "LiveChristian"... and thus post a "friendly doorman" for the Church, online 24x7... capable of cogently sharing our faith, referring people with heartfelt needs, and just generally directing traffic among driven, 'collaborative Christians'.

Future-log: Now fast-forward that concept to today's "blogging" craze! today introduced the first in a series of up & coming 'syndicated' Christian bloggers. It's a collaborative effort initiated with the Harambee team hiding out at Urban Onramps. The vision is not terribly unlike "Leap-Blogging", as coined by Bene Diction, hoping to accelerate this new capability among Christians. But how would I have heard of it but for one of my favorite internet evangelism bloggers... Andrew Careaga? Our vision version is to rapidly build a network of solid born-again, well-connected, thought-leaders to provide fresh content to city-portals such as . By providing this new capability, we desire for Christians to be able to readily 'connect' with other Christians in their area, for impact in the name of Christ. I guess we'll see where it goes, huh? Pray that God may bless all efforts in faith around the world, at the speed-of-Light.

If YOU'RE one of us -- or as we say of Christians in Indy, if you're living "New Life In The Fast Lane" and would be interested in joining this syndicated effort, we'd be glad to have you join the race. Just email us.

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