Monday, February 19, 2007

"10 Things You Could Do Too"

Wish you could help transform a community? You can. With the power of the Holy Spirit, everyone can do something to change the world. And your efforts of faith are multiplied if they help leverage the collective Church impact in your city. We call it 'fishing our city together with a net'.

  • Community Prayer: Here's what one pastor wrote... "Living In A Prayed-For Community". You can pray and encourage others to pray for their neighbors and the community, its leaders, teachers, pastors, and other civic heroes. In our community, we spread the word that the local Friday siren was a great time to stop a few minutes especially to pray for the community. And we let our civic leaders know it was also a signal to remind them they're being prayed-for regularly.

As you look for opportunities for change, consider the tech capabilities now being put in the hands of everyday users like yourself, making it easy to create impact in just a few minutes per day. It's as easy as email !

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Super Colts !

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7 inches of snow... is just icing on the cake... when you're home to the Super Colts Champions !