Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Video Overview of the Bible & Christianity

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Btw, here's a friend of mine who's particularly helpful among North American Muslims here in Indianapolis. You'd enjoy getting to know him.

Friday, April 15, 2011

#CSRMsummit ...and our social-media workshop

Follow the #CSRMsummit tweet-stream.

It's yet another great national event which has come to Indy... the Christian Sports & Recreation Ministries summit.

I'm looking forward to participating on a panel discussion re social-media.

Here are a few key links I'll be referring to during my section re 'Twitter 101'...
  • -- our concerted effort to connect a citywide communications network.
  • -- my individual twitter-ID.
  • Examples of important topical #hashtags... esp. re EVENT tweet-streams...
    #CSRMsummit #CCDA2011 #evangelism #indyprayer #Indy
  • - 500 Christian Hoosiers (& wannabees *wink*). [This one has become to popular that we've even assigned a domain-name to it...
  • - another example of how to use a twitter LIST-feed to aggregate tweets by groups of people or organizations.
  • - this is 'the team' that I work most closely with; I follow them above all others, on at least a daily basis. Isn't that what any sports-team coach would do?
  • 'Dashboard'... a one-pager re my social-media workflow to promote a given EVENT.
  • @IndyTimeline... a twitter account, whose profile-link goes to our consolidated EVENTS listing, using a simple Google Document, thus easily formatted for bookmarking on your smartphone so you'll have it at your fingertips all the time. @IndyTimeline is a great example of social media helping develop collaboration citywide.
And lastly..., as an example of a great connecting ministry, and how they encourage you to 'Push Our Social Buttons'!