Thursday, January 25, 2007

Will there be an 'Indianapolis' section of heaven?

Commentary, by Neil Cox, Co-Editor, Blews.Network

What a great story. And what an epic clash in the offing.

An epic clash to be sure... between two Christian coaches... with God teetering on the 50-yard line... obviously having to soon choose sides... right?

But how about the epic clash brewing in my own conscience?

After all, we raised our sons in Illinois to be lifelong, die-hard Cub fans, Bears fans, Bulls fans, Blackhawks, Illini... and so on down the line. Yet now our sons are grown and we find ourselves living in Indianapolis and embracing the Colts, Pacers, (BobbyKnightlessPTL) Hoosiers, Boilermakers... and every other Indiana team (well, nearly. Go WPND!).

So what's a father to do in such cases?

Especially now that both these coaches are solid professing believers. What will heaven be like when we're confronted for all eternity with these two dear brothers... having chosen one over the other?

It got me to thinking. We all know that there apparently will be a Baptist section of heaven, a Presbyterian section, a Pentecostal section, and as some might admit it, even a Catholic section. But will there be an Indianapolis section? A Chicago section?

And btw, earlier in my life when I shifted from being quasi-Baptist to being a quasi-Presbyterian, did God put his foot up onto the dugout rail and pencil-in a lineup card change?

Ok, so in the eternal scheme of things, what happens now if I end up rooting for Tony instead of Lovie?

After all, as lifelong Bears fans, we of course have a "SuperBowl Shuffle" album on our shelf... having already won a SuperBowl once. My Indianapolis Colts though, have yet to reach this super-status. And having heard Tony's testimony first-hand as he shared Christ with over 500 of our city leaders here in Indy -- not to mention countless times since -- ya gotta love him. And hoping someday to spend eternity in the Indianapolis section of heaven with all my friends... and Tony... I guess I have no choice, really. [And it appears that God, too, has tipped his hand.]

Go Colts ! [And Go Bears!]

And more importantly... win, lose or draw... As Hoosiers are up there someday celebrating with our Savior in the eternal end-zone...

...will we have regrets about the Indianapolis section of hell?


Visit... -- Tony & Lovie... their thoughts on all this.

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