Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Wednesday... Sept. 11 -- a big day for all of us. At today, our special "Site of the Day" was primarily a poem, "9/11 Before and After", by a Christian web-log author and friend of mine. It's beautiful.

I spent the day as a volunteer chauffeur, driving an ex-NFL pro around to schools in Indy, to talk with the kids. Sports World, Inc. provides pro athletes as speakers for public and private schools around the country. At 6' 6", 315, John Earle was not only fascinating to me as an adult, but these kids were spellbound, listening to this powerful giant of a guy. Sept.11, 2001 had special meaning to him, as a native from N.J... just outside NYC. This big fella could hardly speak of it at first. He then energized these kids to dream and set goals, to learn every day from wise people around them, and to persevere in hard work. He gave them hope and inspiration. Then he shared his personal experiences, including some rough spots and the wisdom and eternal insights given to him by some very godly people in his life. Every kid left with a football card... and a dream to (truly) succeed in life.

Along the way, we also met Roy, a young African-American teacher in the public school system. He too is a Christian who has succeeded in his own right, and also is revered by these kids. He's is a professional in his field... impacting his kids with solid values and backing it up as a role model himself.... every day of the week.

I was honored to have encountered them both.

Future-log: So who will impact our future the most? Terrorists? Or solid Christian leaders like these two men? I'll bet on the Johns & Roys every time. Terrorists are unusual... so they make the news occasionally. But way more prolific are the effects of Christians, past and present, as evidenced when we drive by our hospitals, missions, schools and churches, on our way to our productive jobs, and back to our (usually) peaceful neighborhoods and safe homes. Yeah, I'll bet on the Word of God and those who will learn from it, and teach others to set goals based on it.

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