Monday, June 18, 2007

My Church On Trial... The jury's in.

Wondering why I've been so quiet here lately? I've been over trial-blogging at -- beta-testing it to see if I'd want to recommend throughout our various networks. After all, is one of the new web2.0 social networking sites specifically for Christians... exactly the sort of new tool which will be helpful in reconnecting the 'Church' here in the 21st Century.

Well.... THE JURY IS IN !!!
It's EVERYTHING I expected and MORE.

Here are the high-level answers why...
And here's why I just plain LIKE
  • You can't help but love the folks that run it. Joe Suh and the whole gang are personable, authentic and truly innovative Christ-followers anxious to make a difference in the way we 'do church'.
  • It's totally web2.0... and thus the functionality improves as web functionality in general, improves.
  • Unlike MySpace, you don't have to put up with a ton of garbage. Or even lots of ads. A number of MyChurch folks also have MySpace sites to be 'salt & light' out there; but much of their real blogging takes place at MyChurch.
  • And unlike MySpace, you're not just an individual blogger there... you can easily attach your blog to a particular Church of bloggers. [Visit my church's start-up site there, for instance.]
  • And they use community-mapping features to identify churches (and the bloggers associated with them) here in your own community. This is more important than most people realize, even!
  • It's really really easy to blog there.... personally... and also add your post to your church's collaborative set of blogs for the day.
  • And because of using RSS feeds, I can also automatically pull in my's posts into my blog-posts at MyChurch. Fantastic flexibility!
Bottom line...

"MySpace On A Mission".