Saturday, October 30, 2004

CCDA -- "Stand For Africa"...

"AIDS in Africa is an issue so big that it will take the entire Body of Christ working together to change the course of the plague. The civil rights movement and apartheid are the last social movements which required people regardless of color, class or gender to unify into action. We must do this for Africa!" -- Dr. John Perkins, Founder, Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)

Herb Lusk

In a specially-called session at the conference, Dr. Perkins introduced Herb Lusk, Founder of "Stand For Africa" -- Philadelphia Eagles running back turned pastor -- using a Bill Hybels phrase: "A leader is someone who turns vision into passion. Herb Lusk is such a man."

Pastor Lusk then challenged us, alluding to the rattling of the 'dry bones', to come together and come alive.

"I'm not so fearful for Africa, as I am for us, if we don't hear and respond."

[Also see "President Bush Discusses HIV/AIDS Initiatives in Philadelphia".]

Friday, October 29, 2004

CCDA & TechMission...

Boy, it is so hard to choose between great workshops here in Atlanta this week. But when push comes to shove, new paradigm technology for the Church is what wins the day for me. So given my love for technology in the hood, I elected to attend a couple of great workshops re technology. Here is one of the presenters...

Ron McConico... who talked about starting a community tech center. He's started 4 of them in urban Minneapolis. And rather than try to reiterate all he said, let me just toss out some phrases. If anything picques further questions, contact him.

"consider walking your 501(c)3 app through a regional IRS office,Beaumont grants, make disciples (start 'em as assistants), do job descriptions (even for volunteers), do background checks if working with children, fire volunteers... if you need to..., get a vol coordinator, corporations sometimes match $$$ as well as encouraging their people to volunteer hours, -- MS Office for $15/ea., QB$52, etc. XP$5,, throwing away monitors costs $15/ea to trash, how about a computer center that ONLY plays games... but voucher for it ONLY comes from schools, unemployment offices will (may) pay you to train folks, schools sometimes will let you have their kids on detention... or sent 'home' from school. (in-school suspension) and suddenly you're the hero of the school principal -- and he's glad to have you then bring in a Bible-study, etc., and last but not least...

The govt loves those who can turn tax recipients into tax payers!"

Thursday, October 28, 2004

CCDA Atlanta 2004 -- Dr. Samuel Chan:

The CCDA national conference opening night plenary speaker was Dr. Samuel Chan. He was, in a word... awesome'.

"The illiterate of tomorrow won't be those who can't read or write, they'll be those who can't learn, unlearn and relearn."

His message... "7 Things To Unlearn"...

  • It's no longer 'global' missions or 'local' missions. It's 'glocal' missions.
  • Form then function? No longer. Now, just do it... do what you're passionate about... and clean up the form as you go along.
  • Old models don't work like they used to. Now nobody's in charge -- but things get done.
  • Independent ministry is out. Interdependence is in. We're collaborating now... and we need each other.
  • Philanthropists no longer just write the check. They 'bring' the check.... and sometimes their corporate ways. Some good, some not so good. But often, the ministry changes.
  • Unlearn that ministry is 'simple' any longer -- it has become hard... sometimes laden with institutional considerations.
  • Ministry makes 'sense'? Nowadays, Ministry too often makes 'cents'. So we need to pipe in a refreshing new sense of humility and listening to the Spirit. He'll provide for what He's called you to do.

Like I said. Awesome.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Innovation Forum... VoIP discussion...

[See Wireless Coffee Blog.]

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Been called worse...

... just not lately.

Here's a Planned Parenthood newsletter article characterizing Indiana Right To Life PAC (and I guess by association, many of us)...

"these single-issue extremists have a lot of money to spend getting their twisted views and nasty rhetoric out to the voting public."

Wow. Did she really say that out loud?

Maybe one's viewpoint depends on which end of the forceps you're coming from.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Target Missed?

I can hardly believe for the sake of a 'new corporate policy' that they'd effectively abandon $9 million dollars-worth of needy families at Christmas, when it's no skin off their (corporate) hides. ... I'm not sure if bloggers can make up the $$$ difference but we can try. ... Can Christian bloggers make a difference? I'm willing to pray ... and try. Join us.

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