Thursday, September 26, 2002

Thursday... How many people have an occasional morning like this, I wonder... We WANT to do God's will today, we say. But we oversleep... we don't feel like doing early-morning Bible reading & pray... and when we click on our computers (instead... **rolling eyes**), the darned thing is all haywire. That's the way my morning has gone today.

But did God change? Nope. Was He surprised? No. Did He cause my computer to screw up? Maybe. LOL. My point? He wants me to "Glorify God and enjoy Him... Together", anyway. Rejoice in all things -- even when I don't feel like it. He is good, and He's looking out for our best interests, always. Even on these "bad days".

Just checked... My name's still written in 'the book'. And that's the main thing today.

Btw, it was FrontPage that was giving me fits -- but that's another story.

Naming Names: Evelyn Cosby. Neat lady. She's been involved in a number of urban-related things I'm in touch with, here in Indy. May God bless her this special day.

Now... back to FrontPage... Why was it so important this morning, anyway?

Back-log: (circa 1997) Decided to acquire a new capability -- to publish on the WWW. Why? ...because I had concluded that the capability to publish... at the speed of Light... would help accelerate the Church... and thus, to change the world for Christ. Why FrontPage? Because I have a Microsoft 'tatoo' of sorts -- because when it comes to profane things, I like to leverage the existing COMMON technologies rather than chronically swim upstream against the flow. I've never intimated MS is the best -- it may not be -- but it's the most common, and that serves our higher purpose, Christians, when it comes to COLLABORATING in love & unity.

Future-log: So whatever is the most common techno-playing-field, let's use it -- and let's sharpen each other. That being said, anyone want to advise a better overall publishing software for Christian webmasters? Email me.

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