Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's not about a church web SITE. It's about a web STRATEGY.

Here are some tips I've submitted for addition to the 60-item hopper of "Tips for Effective Church-sites". Likewise, to

#1. Just like the Church is not defined by the building, think 'web STRATEGY', not 'web SITE'. That is, develop a web strategy to proliferate the message of the church/Church pervasively throughout your whole community of members and their sites.

#2. Encourage your individual members to start a free site and reciprocally-link with the church site(s) and other member-sites. [Why Blog? Top 50 Reasons]

#3. Make sure your church site is producing an RSS feed. Btw...

Advertise that feed among your membership and at your site(s). Start training your members about the use of an aggegator to keep abreast of news/events (like the church's) they prioritize in their lives.

#4. Contact local media outlets & journalists and advise them that they can easily keep up with your church's news/events by adding your church's RSS to their personal aggregator. And especially let your local Christian community portal know. [Find one via Example:]

#5. If your community doesn't yet have a Christian aggregated site, start one. Include the RSS feeds from Bible-believing churches & individuals in your community. Make sure that aggregated site also produces an RSS feed out, and advertise it. Making it easy for local journalists to keep abreast of all the Christian news/events in the area will make their jobs easier... and will help your church at the same time.

[Btw, you'll also enjoy Orangejack's articles... "4 Ways Blogging Can Change Your Church" and "RSS Changing the Web".]

[If your church or city-network needs help
in accomplishing this or other strategic planning,
contact me for professional help.]

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blog Classic

Just finished reading Hugh Hewitt's "Blog -- Understanding the Information Reformation"

No question. It's a MUST-read.