Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Management Principle #13

[Can you find ME in this pic? Feels like it today, anyway.]

Management Principle #13:

"When you are in deep trouble, say nothing,
and try to look like you know what you're doing!"

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Each One, Teach One

By Neil Cox
"I may not be a poet, but I understand math."

I teach You.
You teach Somebody.
Somebody teaches Him.
Him teaches Her.
Her teaches Them.
Them teaches Who.
Who teaches Y'all.

"Y'all can teach Everybody."

[This is The Begats Tree methodology of our Ask Anything Saturday internet-training program at the UBcafe.]

[Wikipedia: Frank Laubach, Father of 'Each One Teach One' Method]

Monday, February 06, 2006

"We Know More Than Our Pastors"

I hesitated to even use Tim Bednar's chosen title as I link you off to his great white-paper. But if indeed there really is a new-paradigm wave breaking over the top of church leaders and they just don't realize it, then the shock value of Tim's title is worth it. It was written well ahead of its time (in 2004) re blogging.

Caveat: You and I may or may not agree with all of Tim's theology. But importantly, try to read through the surface and digest his important points. Then process them using your own theological filter to see which are vitally important for you or any pastor to be aware of.

[continue to Tim Bednar's .pdf paper]

Then test your conclusions... See some of the recent reports that have surfaced re the state of the internet and the tech-horizons at colleges (often the leading edge, re students in training). [See earlier articles.]

And visit some blogging pastors. Here's one such report regarding a pastor that blogs "Between Sundays".

What's on the tech-horizon at colleges?

Here's an insightful 5-year look, by Educause...

"The NMC's Emerging Technologies Initiative focuses on expanding the boundaries of teaching, learning and creative expression by creatively applying new tools in new contexts. The Horizon Project, the centerpiece of this initiative, charts the landscape of emerging technologies and produces the NMC’s annual Horizon Report. The 2006 Horizon Report is now available. The 2006 edition is a collaboration between The New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI), an EDUCAUSE program."

[hat-tip, John Rafferty, Crossroads Bible College]

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mega Church Game...

Mega Church Game, from Tim Bednar. He really got me. Hook, line and sinker. Stunned at first... then LOLLLLLLL. Too funny.

Then I realized we'd helped evoke this, via So we added the game to our 'New Members Class' there. Visit And as always, your thoughts are welcome.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Pass the Salt"

Even Freud might have laughed aloud.

In a classic journalistic faux pas perhaps betraying a predisposition in the culture-war, this week's Newsweek article "Cut, Thrust and Christ", originally misquoted Rev. Jerry Falwell as referring to their successful debate-team as 'assault ministry' (instead of 'a salt ministry').

It's an interesting article, though. Here are some excerpts...

"Debaters are the new missionaries..."

"They're tough. [But] we're not afraid to debate Liberty," says Harvard coach Dallas Perkins Jr., whose varsity team was beaten by Falwell's last month."

Cedarville University in Ohio just tripled its budget for debate scholarships. Falwell's school, in Lynchburg, Va., pours a half million dollars into the debate program every year, with the goal of eventually flooding the system with "thousands" of conservative Christian lawyers. "We are training debaters who can perform a salt ministry, meaning becoming the conscience of the culture," says Falwell, who is also hoping the team will elevate the humble academic reputation of Liberty itself. "So while we have the preaching of the Gospel on the one side—certainly a priority—we have the confronting of the culture on moral default on the other side."

[Read the updated-Newsweek story.]

[See related commentary]

And on a related, but 'coincidental' note, I totally appreciated Dennis Ryerson's editorial in Sunday's Indianapolis Star: "Accuracy improving, but we can do better.". It has to be a tough job to maintain accuracy amid the information explosion.

In any event, Newsweek's journalistic slip might best be utilized as a gentle reminder for us all...

"Truth is nourishment for the soul.
But 'assault' seldom leaves a good taste in anyone's mouth."