Saturday, March 13, 2004

"Intolerant Indy"...

Here was the headline story in the Indianapolis Star this week... "Image of Intolerance May Cool Job Climate". I only wish I could also show you the juxtapositions on the front page, showing Curt Smith's pic next to the headline... and across from the ayatollah's pic involved in another story. I had to laugh at their not-too-subtle sense of humor. LOL.

[Subsequent note: While the Star has deleted their article online, you can still read it as republished by America's largest Gay/Lesbian organization.]

Beyond its humor though, I do wish the Star had been more careful to include a key stat missing from the Brookings study in question -- that despite our poor ranking on their 'diversity' index, Indianapolis finished 17th on the tech scale cited.... seemingly contradicting the headline's implication and the study's metro correlation. It might have begged the obvious question: How did Indianapolis do so well? But I guess that point of view will never get aired.

We cannot know the hearts of the staff involved; it would be unfortunate to accuse them of intellectual dishonesty, if it truly was an oversight. On the other hand, having contacted the Star about it, they have not chosen to correct their story... so they leave us to our own wonderments about the omission, I guess.]

But the ability of Christians to impact our local communities is not at all dependent on our coverage in the press. Just among ourselves, kids, we're sometimes our own worst enemies, are we not? I am. So I suspect we all are, at times. So let me go on to say...

If as Barna suggests, Christians with a mature Bible-believing worldview constitute only 4% of the American adult population... and if those 4% are as fractured as we appear to be... then perhaps there's good reason for our limited impact. To our shame, it seems likely that our fracturedness contributes to the minimal percentage. The devil's obvious scheme of 'pride and divide' is enjoying great success these days.

But devil take warning...

"If MY PEOPLE... will humble themselves and pray... and seek my face..."

And that's much of the goal of Transform Indiana ministry coalition... Truth & harmony.