Monday, September 02, 2002

Labor Day... I just finished updating -- "Starting-line for Greater Indianapolis Christians". We feature a different local ministry every day. Pretty typically on holidays, I do what everyone else does... get outta town. LOL. So our featured "Site of the Day" isn't locally-driven today. I took everyone to's special Labor Day page. Interestingly though, one of their articles is on "God's Contractor" -- Millard Fuller, Founder, Habitat for Humanity... who is coming soon to Indy to pray with our city leaders at the Indianapolis Leadership Prayer Breakfast. I'm on the prayer breakfast committee... as if you couldn't tell from our chronic promos at IC of the breakfast. LOL.

Naming names: Btw, the committee also includes Eldon Kibbey, my good friend and the Indiana director for CBMC (fka/ Christian Businessmen's Committee). He's been a great friend and helpful networker in the business-professional community... and a godly example for me. Gotta love him. Thanks God, for Eldon.

Back-log: (circa 1987) When I first came to Coral Ridge, a gentleman with a disarming smile, Mr. Charlie Hainline, (another CBMC'er, btw -- a great organization of leader-builders) immediately took me under his wing and greatly influenced my life in the area of goal-setting. To know him was to know humility -- a self-described 'poor Kentucky farm-boy'. Yet not a person of low self-worth or direction, his worth was found in where he was headed and the 'checks' he could cash or better still, give away. His winning smile endorsed his challenges, and we listened. While there's so much that could be said about him, I believe his final set of annual goals -- at age 78 -- speak most eloquently for themselves.... (click)

Future-log: From that moment on, I've started understanding more & more about the value of having a godly mentor. The times I've failed the worst, are the 'vacation-years (lapses) from setting goals and exchanging them with an accountability mentor to pray for me. [Maybe I'll introduce you to some other mentors in the near future.] "We make it our goal to please Him." Lord willing, I intend to set goals, as Charlie did... til I reach my goal... of being with Christ. Thus the motivation to start I wonder if anyone else sees the value?

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