Thursday, December 12, 2002

"You can link a horse to a water, but you can't make him drink."
But over time, if he comes there often enough, someday we'll catch him when he's thirsty.

Thus perhaps the web offers a new-found ray of hope for at least drawing a model in cyberspace, reflecting the tapestry of Christians closer & closer together, for love & impact in their communities. This is the prayer of -- the web-portal for Greater Indianapolis Christians. So at the very least, we can begin to link together. But ultimately perhaps, the question then starts becoming...

How do we lift up the name of Christ as ONE harmonized Church of Jesus Christ, to impact our communities? Thankfully there are a great number of churches impacting our communities positively every day -- we now just desire that we become known to those communities as a loving, core-truth body (did I say 'network'?) of Christ-followers. That is very much an integral part of the "Transform Indiana" planning that is happening here in Indy.

We want to be "dangerous" to the gates of hell ! Coming together in prayer is one very key way of doing that. Another key way of becoming dangerous is to become aware of the devil's schemes -- and isn't "Divide and Conquer" much of his methodology? Divorce, cultural pride, socio-economic class, and elevated doctrinal distinctions... to suggest a few. At what point is he using some even-good things as tools against the Church?

How about this -- is it possibly that he's using this as a key piece of propaganda... "Apparently truth is relative, because even the Church effectively teaches that every day, each in their separate silos."? Do we give the appearance of lifting up our church names & activities without first/primarily lifting up a unified Christ and harmoniously-taught core-truth absolutes?

Satan, change your brochures. That might have flown yesterday, but not tomorrow.

God help us.

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