Sunday, May 25, 2003

"Fred's Answers"... (continuing from Weds on the Trail....)

Remember Fred? When we asked him that final question... the "Suppose" question... he gave us all the reasons God should NOT let him into His perfect heaven! "I've been a bad husband, a bad father and I haven't been to church in 25 years." And indeed, if that is God's yardstick for measuring, and if God 'grades on the curve'.... Fred knew he would be in big trouble. And so would I !!!

People assume the Bible says something like this... "If you do the 'do's and you don't the 'don'ts', then you go to heaven."

But praise God, that's NOT His yardstick, and He doesn't grade on the curve. [If He did grade on the curve, no one could ever know for sure they had eternal life... yet John wrote otherwise... I John 5:13. So any religion formed on the basis of '12 sins or less' (or enough good works)... apparently flies in the face of the Apostle John's first-hand writings; and you need to keep looking for what the Bible really says.]

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people we talk to wrongly assume something along those lines. So we really do offer some GOOD NEWS !

[Do you or I ever wrongly believe something? No doubt. But about what? And how will we come to learn differently? I guess it boils down to... Are we willing to hear we're wrong about something, if there's something BETTER in store for us? So what do you think? Do people out on the trail ever want to hear about that 'good news' ? Stay tuned.]

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