Thursday, May 29, 2003

"Don't You Wish... "

[continued 'Tales from the Trail' - see yesterday's post]

Almost no matter what form we prefer for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, we often hit the limit as to how far any one person can go at one time in their journey toward the abundant life. That is... Don't you wish there was a good way of helping people CONTINUE in meaningful, relational dialog so as to "go to the next level"?

Don't you wish there was a readily available web of Christians just waiting to help with this ongoing process?

And when we're out on the trail, we meet a lot of nice, well-intentioned, interested & interesting young (& not so young) people who just need to keep the wheels turning about this Jesus-thing. Many need a warm, welcoming, inviting, NEUTRAL place to go to be able to dialog with knowledgable Christians... and also with other people just like themselves... asking the hard questions.

Don't you wish there were some "Alpha groups" located around the city that we could bring people to? And don't you wish that those groups were truly collaborative constructed by various Bible-believing ministries, so as to immediately preclude the appearance of an ulterior purpose, ie, church membership in YOUR church?

Mike & I do. Recently a young co-ed on the trail would have been a great one to ask to "Please come share just exactly those thoughts you just now expressed to us... to an informal group that's gathering over at the McCafe to ask & discuss such things."

[Hmmm. What are the possibilities? Perhaps tomorrow. Stay tuned.]

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