Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Amazingly Most DO Believe There's A Supreme Being...

But they're not nearly so sure about having to someday "account" to Him. In fact, most will respond, "Wow, that's a tough question... I hadn't really thought that through. I'm not sure."

[So sometimes, we may simply interject... "Between now and the day you die... how will you go about resolving that issue?" You really have to love these kids and their quizzical looks, as they often begin to seriously start thinking about such things.]

We proceed with Question #4 -- the first of the infamous TWO Diagnostic Questions of this approach... (we'll talk soon of a number of people who have come to know Christ personally because of someone taking a few minutes to simply ask them these two upcoming questions)...

"If you were to die tonight -- and it does happen (for instance recently a Broadripple high-schooler was murdered here in Indy and these kids can relate) -- Do You KNOW FOR SURE that you'd have eternal life, that is, that you'd go to heaven? I've got a 'Yes', 'No', and a 'Hope So'. Or is that something you're still working on?"

[What do you think they say, folks? Stay tuned.]

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