Sunday, August 31, 2003

September "Crossroads":
Just finished reading Sept Issue of Crossroads Newsletter. It sents chill down my spine it was so good! May God continue to encourage Cindy as she trusts in Him, as she collaborates with others, and exhibits the humility it takes sometimes to move forward in the Christian community (even).

I pray that the Christian community here in Greater Indianapolis steps up and supports this new magazine-style publication.

Likewise, Indiana Christian News (newspaper style). Awesome -- both of you. Independent publications, yet one in Christ. What an encouragement.

We're inviting these newly birthed organizations and their sponsors to also join in on New Year's, for the citywide "Reunion of Driven Christians in the Racing Capital of the World"... as we promised we'd return and praise Him for EXTRAORDINARY intervention in Indianapolis in 2003. Certainly these 2 new publications have been a great blessing already this year.

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