Tuesday, August 26, 2003

A Nigerian pastor came to town today...,
He said 18 years ago God told him he would pastor in Indianapolis someday. An email came to us over the weekend from Paul Hoy, another 'city-reacher' in Columbus OH who asked if someone here could meet him and find accommodations for him. I passed it along to Eldon Kibbey and to our Nigerian Missions professor at Crossroads Bible College. Other emails flew. And as a result, today, a different Nigerian pastor already here in town (whom I'd not yet met) picked him up at the bus station, and arranged for the lodging accommodations that were needed. He then brought him to the Reformation Society luncheon I'd invited them to. There they both met 50 other solid pastors (studying God's word together -- how cool is that?). Some invited them to come preach at their churches. Another said he'd help them raise funds. Afterward we went to the college to meet with my friend there. How exciting it was to join with them, holding hands in prayer in that small office. Who knows just how God will work this into an extraordinary blessing for our city. Pray with us to that end. And praise God for all the great ministries mentioned... and for His linking us together in His love. All in a day's work.

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