Sunday, July 27, 2003

"The Web -- For Such A Time As This?"

What a stimulating article this month, in Christianity Today -- "Turning the Mainline Around". [And btw, notice the part played right here in Indianapolis.... Crossroads of America.]

But did they possibly overlook the obvious?

Here's a response letter to the editor....

"Having read the fine article by Hamilton and McKinney, it gave me pause to wonder if they overlooked a significant God-send. As the printing press helped fuel the Great Reformation, does not the new paradigm tool of our day -- the internet -- help fuel renewal? Borrowing a concept from "95 Theses of the Cluetrain Manifesto", might we concur that "Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy"? Perhaps we should greatly praise God for this new capability to circumvent the previous communications stanglehold by the more liberal-leaning denominational leadership. Would it be reasonable to suggest that information about the confessing movement is more accurately & readily known via low-cost websites? What should we say of the great encouragement generated by seeing the growing list of confessing churches centrally posted in cyberspace? Does not email greatly help rally and organize Biblical Christians? What pressures are now being brought to bear on local sessions to sign on... or off? What encouragements are locally available by comrades from non-mainline churches displaying their online statements of faith? Might we even find significance in the requisite process of local churches needing to develop their websites to be viewed publicly... asking themselves the basic questions, "What do we believe, anyway -- if not the Bible?" And what is our mission, if not Christ's Great Commission?

And by the way, what shall we all think of the virtual absence of local church sites proclaiming, "Jesus is NOT the only way. And the Bible is NOT the infallible Word of God"? And where is their centralized portal? Perhaps they're suffering the leaders' dilemma of Luke 20:5-6?"

Respectfully, In Christ,
Neil Cox
"Truth will prevail. Truth at the speed of Light, will prevail at the speed of light."

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