Thursday, July 03, 2003

Fireman Rescue?

[continued "Tales from the Trail", see below]

We enjoyed sharing good news with a couple of firemen, Tuesday, near the Monon Trail. Perhaps it was particularly meaningful for them, when Mike described God's love as similar to that of a mother who would rush into a burning building for her children.

Obviously these are "really good guys"... and if God is grading on the curve, then surely they'll be rescued from 'the fire', wouldn't they?

But the Bible is clear -- He's already given of Himself to save us; there's no further 'saving work' to be done... we're simply called to accept His work. Therefore, God's judgment is not "on the curve". It's knowable now. Did we accept His work, or decline it?

Btw, did you ever have a teacher curve your score up to 'perfect' ?

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