Thursday, June 26, 2003

"Don't Jump!"
[Continued 'Tales from the Trail'... see below.]

You know, some days out on the trail are truly fulfilling. Like today.

As Mike & John & I approached the bridge, three young guys were out on the ledge staring down at their fate below. We yelled, "Don't Jump!".

After about 20 minutes of talking with us, these 3 guys -- A Buddist, a Baptist and a Catholic. -- came in off that ledge. Admittedly, still a Buddist, a Baptist and a Catholic... but nonetheless, off the ledge... and they know how they can have eternal life.

Yes, a fulfilling day.

Now for the straight of it... LOL... It's a tiny bridge, over shallow water, and the ducks below were probably in greater peril. But it makes for a good story.

In any event, it was fulfilling... it always is -- there's virtually never a day in which we don't enjoy getting to at least talk with a number of people about heaven, and the truth of God's requirements about getting into heaven... and His great offer of eternal life.

Today, the young Baptist probably told it the best, openly sharing in front of his friends, his experience of having come to believe in Jesus Christ as a his personal savior and how that changed everything for him.

Who knows just how God may have used that young man that day.

[Tomorrow... How Many Calories in a Google-bar?]

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