Tuesday, June 10, 2003

City Models To Review...

"Iron sharpens iron... and so one techie sharpeneth another". Thanks to OrangeJack, we're able to offer the following...

Here are some great city model links that I found meaningful, especially as we in Indianapolis consider how we can better work together.

Love Chilliwack
Love Abbottsford

Both are based on the concept of "Servant Evangelism" (S.Sjogren) -- "doing works of love as we share words of love".

Also I enjoyed this link as a NEEDS-based (primarily using a "testimonies" convention) Good News site... PowerToChange.com

And... last but not least... a digital site supporting a lot of the above -- let's explore these further (at our "Wireless Coffee" time) as may well relate to the "Transform Indiana" ministry-networking initiative around our state.

P.S. And thanks to Tony Whittaker, who has connected a number of internet evangelist-types... like OrangeJack. This is yet another example of how networking relationships can greatly enhance the effectiveness of networkers. And if that's true in this seemingly-small but illustrative way, imagine the effectiveness of a well-networked city (relationally) of "driven Christians in the Racing Capital of the World".

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