Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why Johnny Can't REVEAL

Commentary by Neil Cox, Ministry Support Services

Top Ten Reasons The Church Can't Multiply...

  • #10 "That can't be right. We're multiplying just fine."
  • #9 You're way too short of data to prove otherwise.
  • #8 Besides, we'll do anything to explain facts away.
  • #7 And if we can't explain 'em away, we'll deploy an ad hominem defense.
  • #6 Rhetoric serves us well... and especially if that's what the masses are atuned to.
  • #5 Stay away from me with the facts. Me and my mission are just fine; and I have lots of stories to 'prove' it.
  • #4 My experts are righter than your experts.
  • #3 My people are happy. We must be doing things right.
  • #2 [Thankfully it's my microphone. Please step away from the mic.]
  • #1 The effectiveness of The Church is not an appropriate question to ask about.

For those of you that survived these ten 'reasons'... you may be interested in following the discussion going on during the REVEAL conference this week at Willow Creek.

And for those of you believing the Church is multiplying mature disciples just fine... check out Barna Research reflecting 4% of American adults hold a 'biblical worldview'... CityReaching RESEARCH

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