Saturday, February 09, 2008

"How To PAY ATTENTION... in an Information Explosion"

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Thanks to Scott Wilder creating video-clips from today's BarCamp Indy 2008... thus making this post possible...

My presentation was deliberately scheduled to the be last one of the day, hoping that we'd be able to consider all the new technologies we learned today -- and it was a ton -- yet still be able to be able to distill it all down to the 'useful few' that can truly help us prioritize our daily actions.

At least that was the goal. *smile*

In an interesting twist of 'fate' (providence), my friend Alex Conner presented immediately before me... on virtually the same topic... called "Simplifying Your Life... In Spite of Technology". Alex took the exact opposite approach that I took... LOL... primarily running his daily activities through his MS Outlook. So, you'll see, as the video starts, we're kidding about starting the "First Annual BarFight Indy". LOL.

Enjoy the video (no slides).

Enjoy the slideshow.

[Subsequent note: We cover this topic in "New Media for Urban Change" course, and have now inserted another academic video there which you'll very likely want to see, as well as some emerging articles on the topic.]

Comments anyone?

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The butter was me, btw. :-)