Monday, February 06, 2006

"We Know More Than Our Pastors"

I hesitated to even use Tim Bednar's chosen title as I link you off to his great white-paper. But if indeed there really is a new-paradigm wave breaking over the top of church leaders and they just don't realize it, then the shock value of Tim's title is worth it. It was written well ahead of its time (in 2004) re blogging.

Caveat: You and I may or may not agree with all of Tim's theology. But importantly, try to read through the surface and digest his important points. Then process them using your own theological filter to see which are vitally important for you or any pastor to be aware of.

[continue to Tim Bednar's .pdf paper]

Then test your conclusions... See some of the recent reports that have surfaced re the state of the internet and the tech-horizons at colleges (often the leading edge, re students in training). [See earlier articles.]

And visit some blogging pastors. Here's one such report regarding a pastor that blogs "Between Sundays".

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Moxy Turtle said...

"You and I may or may not agree with all of Tim's theology" -- This is probably the most common qualification of my paper I read.

Right now I'm working on an ebook on how Web 2.0 is changing the congregation. Blessings, Tim Bednar