Saturday, December 03, 2005

Been There, Done That

[The article below, "Been There, Done That", is a helpful set of observations by Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner a former board member of CCDA. I came across the article after re-reading "Black and Free", the classic by her late husband, evangelist Tom Skinner. If you've never read it, let me highly commend it to you.]

"Tom Skinner’s book, Black and Free was both timely and powerful. It shows the power of the gospel to transform ones life, and it came at an important time in our struggle to be black and free. I believe that same message is needed today..." --Dr. John M. Perkins

"Been There, Done That" -- Why many African American Christians have trouble getting excited about reconciliation.
Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner

"These days, white Christians getting inspired to do reconciliation often wonder, "How come black folks aren't showing up?" I believe there are four main reasons why many African American Christians don't get excited about racial reconciliation today. And while there are no excuses for any Christian, black or white, to ignore God's call to reconciliation, there are real obstacles. If true, biblical reconciliation is going to happen, both Blacks and Whites are going to have to understand these obstacles and work to overcome them." [continued at Skinner Leadership Institute]

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