Friday, July 15, 2005

"The Ultimate Win"

My personal story may or may not be of significance to you.

But reading the story of John... one of Jesus' closest Jewish friends who:
  • traveled in his 'gang',
  • heard his teachings,
  • compared them to the Jewish scriptures predicting a coming Messiah,
  • saw a friend raised from the dead after 4 days,
  • saw his many other miracles of mercy,
  • saw him die on a cruel Roman cross,
  • Jesus asked John to take care of his mom,
  • John even ate breakfast with Jesus after he'd risen from the dead,
  • saw Jesus ascend into the clouds, saying he'd be back someday,
  • received the promised Holy Spirit into his own life,
  • saw other disciples martyred for their faith, and
  • did a 'life term' in prison rather than recant his eye-witness testimony of Jesus.

Now there's a story that's worth a lot more than mine.

"The Ultimate Win"

I'd be happy to snail-mail you a personal copy of John's eye-witness account about Jesus... the 'Gospel of John'... in a little racing-theme booklet called "The Ultimate Win". Just email me where to send it. My gift to you, no strings attached other than your promise to read it.

And while you're waiting for it, here's a link to where you can start reading online.

[...or hear it read, by clicking the audio-icon on that page.]

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