Thursday, April 08, 2004

If You're Reading This...

You're among the internet elite 3% !!! [LOL. Or maybe you're just weird.]

Today's released "Pew Internet & American Life Project Report" includes the following...

"Evangelicals are among the most fervent Internet users for religious and spiritual purposes. Online Evangelicals are a significant subgroup of the American religious landscape. This study found them to resemble other Protestants in terms of their Internet behaviors in some ways, but to be unique in other ways. They are slightly less experienced in Internet use than other categories of religious affiliation. Conversely, they are more likely than others to engage in all categories of online religious activity. For instance, 69% report going online for personal religious or spiritual purposes. "

[Btw, the 3% elite... are those who read blogs on a daily basis. LOL]

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