Friday, January 09, 2004

CCDA Indy 2005...

The kickoff planning meeting was today -- very exciting to get started this early, but this is a 'driven' group of Christians here in Indy who care about community development.

Scott Truex has been highly instrumental in lighting the fire and fanning the flame. Good job, Scott.

And btw, blogger Rudy Carrasco, Urban Onramps, was the guy who hooked me up with Scott... right here in our own metro area -- but introduced to me by a Californian. [That's as bad as going all the way to New Orleans recently to CCDA 2003, and all the Hoosiers ended up meeting together during one segment... and lots of us met lots of others for the very first time. Point is... we need to work on better ways for 'driven' Christians to meet, right here in the racing capital of the world.

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