Wednesday, November 12, 2003

"Transform Indiana" ministry network meeting yesterday...

Here's our "LIVE Agenda" we used during the meeting. Really enjoyed seeing hands-on application of collaboration by our hosts -- Child Evangelism, whose state hqtrs are in Wheeler Mission's Care Center... and how they interact with each other for the glory of God... and to get more of the work done that Jesus set out for us to do.

And it was great hearing some testimonies of how even in its infancy, Transform Indiana's intentional networking has already helped people better find their niche in the local sector of the kingdom. One testimony was about a guy who hooked up with a new friend to go work in a soup kitchen for the homeless, and as a result is now actively visiting 'homes' of the homeless, seeking the lost, seeing how he can help... and getting his church involved in such things. So does our mission of intentionally networking 'driven Christians' get more of the job done?

What was not so great to hear, was one pastor's description of the uphill objective of hoping pastors would invest any time in coming together to sharpen each other via Bible-study together and serve as a biblical steadying force for Transform Indiana. They might be willing to come together to pray though. Or they might later join in re significant citywide events.

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