Monday, October 27, 2003

"Consuming Potluck"...

This past Saturday afternoon, we had a great little potluck get together in the auditorium of the Old Centrum building (12th x Central Ave -- where our Urban Collaborative Center is). It was largely the "Consuming Fire Events" folks who are all about putting on events here to help bring the body of Christ more closely together in some practical ways. So of course, they're multicultural in make-up, and they well understand the objectives of "Transform Indiana".

I've probably previously mentioned their leader, Merlin Gonzales and their web-guy (of course!) Moses Dwarm. But this gave me an opportunity to also meet their wives and other key people. And they'll be helping us put on the New Year's Eve "Reunion" Party -- so stay tuned.

And the potluck included reps of a couple other significant care-organizations in that area. Scott Crowe was there from Hope International Ministries, and Angela Bollen was there from "We All Care". Both are doing an awesome work for the Lord among those who need it most. It's humbling to be in their midst.

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