Thursday, January 16, 2003

"Transform Indiana" Initiative....

We had a GREAT meeting yesterday, praying, networking, and planning together.... to somehow, someway, Lord willing, to take our personal & Church & communities' transformation to the next level here in Greater Indianapolis and throughout our great state. Each of us gathered there no doubt represented very different backgrounds, churches or ministries, politics even... but shared one very DRIVING goal here in the Racing Capital of the World... and that is that Christ be glorified here. One Christ. One Faith. One Baptism.

Here in Indy, if ya snooze, ya lose.

Monday, 1/20/03, MLK Holiday, is another opportunity for the "innovative types" of Christians here. "Innovation Forum", we're calling it.

Naming Names: In fact, one of the innovators who's driving in for this get-together, is one of the Christian bloggers being read from around the globe... Josh Claybourn, pundit at Should be very stimulating conversation.

Stay tuned.

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