Saturday, June 21, 2003

"J, J, and B... Not to mention, K"...
[continued "Tales from the Trail... Monon Trail, that is...]

Ok, so here we are, out on the trail again, just asking interested (and interesting!) people 5 brief questions of a spiritual nature. Here's just a few responses...

"J"... was generous with her time and thoughtful in her answers. Then gave us further permission to share 5 brief bullets from the Bible -- an overview, if you will, of God's great offer to mankind. In the end, I think she'd agree, it helped clarify some things that she may not have heard quite that way in her church. And that's part of our objective... to make sure that at least people have a good chance to hear what God offers them, and not leave the message to chance. Frankly, most of the people we talk to, do not even know what His offer really is. How good a job have we, the Church, done in getting the correct message out to them?

"Next J" was a nice, polite fisherman. I don't know how to fish. He knows how to fish. He seemed not to know how to get to heaven. We know how to get to heaven. He was kind enough to show us his catch for the day, and shared his answers to the questions... and we shared our 'catch of a lifetime' with him -- this time via a tract, after a friendly chat with him. I hope he 'catches' it too. Pray for "Next J".

"B"... same. Nice guy. You can't believe how nice people are, here in Indianapolis. And upon conclusion, again, was kind enough to take a tract home and consider further.

And then there was "K".... He needs our prayers more than any of the above... yet realizes it perhaps way less than any of the above. He was 'out of it', wanted to be our friend, but says he's a demon or devil or something. Really just a kid who needs our chronic love & prayers. And it's for young people like that, that I'm thankful for the regular daily ministry to Broadripple teens.... called Outreach, Inc. Nuf said. Thanks Eric, for being there for these kids.

[Tomorrow... "Wireless Coffee" time... How can we help all these sorts of folks? Surely computers can't help, can they?]

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