Saturday, June 14, 2003

"I saw a changed life..."

[continuing... the "A&A biker-dude's" final comments'.... ]

After I concluded the 5 questions and thanked the guys, and gave 'em a little DoYouKnowForSure booklet, my friend said "Hey I'm Jewish and I used to be an agnostic myself, but everything changed when I discovered peace with God through the Messiah Jesus. It's worth careful consideration."

What I didn't write yesterday was that the first young guy had already told us separately how, when he was at 'the end of his rope', his mother had prayed with him to receive Jesus Christ as his savior... and it had changed his life around entirely. So the A&A guy now has heard two testimonials, and started recalling for us, yet another person he knew who was a Viet vet, now a pastor because of how his life was changed when he came to know this Jesus.

Obviously the Spirit was working. Pray for these young guys who undoubtedly will be talking further about this Jesus and His ability to change lives.

Now let's recycle that pipedream from a few days ago.... "Don't you wish...."

...that we had a cross-denominational group of Christians just ready and waiting with an "Alpha-group" meeting locally that we could bring these guys to?

[Tomorrow... "Btw, how DO you get Christians to work together cross-denominationally?"]

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