Sunday, June 22, 2003

Computers... A Help In Urban Ministry?
[continued from yesterday]

If we can simply be available to God, notably perhaps with capabilities to spread the gospel at the speed of Light, surely God will bless such efforts of faith. Yesterday, at our "Wireless Coffee" time together (in the real-world, each Saturday morning), our multi-cultural collection of such folks worked together to ready our flagship location at 12th x Central. Flyers are going out this week, inviting the general public of that urban area, to come in for free, make friends, use our internet access and obtain computer help from our volunteers... as we help them find the "best information on the Information Highway".

At the same time, these same volunteers are also helping to support the "Transform Indiana" initiative, by volunteering to be an 'e-servant' assigned to assist pastors & leaders from counties, cities and neighborhoods throughout the state. See the drilldown map there.

It really blessed my socks off, to see Woody on the phone with Jeff "Linux" (LOL) getting the servers back online after the storms this past week, and thereby getting the "Urban Tech Center" ready. And Mary had prepared the UTC flyer. Collin was helping Ray build his "Intelligent Design" site to add to the mix... and Ray is gaining understanding how to help maintain the Transform Hamilton Co. page... and will, in turn, be able to help other e-servants help their county in this strategic way. Ray says the first thing he wants to learn is how to get Eldon's picture off of it. LOL. And there were several other examples of productivity... even in this small setting of the early stages now of the "Urban Collaborative Center". Will the Lord bless our urban area there, and across the state, as a result of the efforts in faith by these guys & gals?

So can we help? We already are. For instance, the "Crossroads" newletter (Crossroads Publishing, C. Strickland) is apparently nearly ready to go to press -- just need a couple more advertisers (if interested, email us, and get a double-win by working with Crossroads Publishing AND It's probably best described as an 'outreach' format for non-Christians and inquirers. For instance, here's an article I'm preparing for it. There are already a number of other neat articles, radio & tv advertisers, etc., so it looks pretty cool already. You can be sure our urban center will be praying for the success of reaching 10,000 people here around Indy, with the word of God in an enticing way. Btw, our "Urban Tech Center" flyer will also be inserted in each of the 10,000 copies -- so we're looking forward to building ongoing relationships with its readers, as they come participate at the center. Moreover, we're also busily brainstorming the new look & feel of -- also promoted in the newsletter, aimed at the secular public, to help meet needs in the most meaningful ways. Stay tuned there, and pray that the site will be effective in helping our community.

So can computers help urban Indianapolis -- you can believe we believe it!

[Tomorrow... "Don't Jump!"]

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