Monday, June 16, 2003

"How DO You Get Christians To Work Together, Cross-denominationally?"

[Continued from yesterday... See below.]

LOL. Now here's a topic that could take all day. LOL. So I won't. In fact, while I have some suspicions about how it should be done, I'll never suggest that I know how, or can effectively cause it to happen.

But if we'll always try to "work as unto the Lord", and if we'll keep our eyes on Jesus and His Great Commission... surely any walls that divide us will become increasingly minimal as time goes on. And if the 'new paradigm' helps us to speed that process, then praise God for it as a tool for love & good deeds together.

And on that note, again I'll refer you to the "Wireless Coffee" blog, which is constantly growing as a team-blog, cross-denominationally (btw), in support of "Transform Indiana". Check out their latest stuff.

[Tomorrow... Ever do a discussion based on a web-page? Put on your coats, we're headed back to Canada for this one. **smile** See you tomorrow.]

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