Wednesday, May 21, 2003

"Yes, I Probably Will... Well, I Hope So At Least."

So few people really even know that the Bible was written so that they COULD KNOW that for sure. (I John 5:13). I guess that's part of the very reason we're out there -- to let everyone know otherwise.

I remember attending summer camp as a kid, looking forward to the Friday night campfire finale, because the leader had been telling us all week that "Friday night, we have a sure-fire test to see if you're going to heaven or not." We were all anxious to know that for certain. Wouldn't you be?

But back to the trail now... Yesterday, a real nice elderly fellow (let's call him "Fred") told Mike & I that for sure he was NOT going to heaven. Now that was a unique answer we don't often hear. He said surely he wouldn't be allowed in because he hadn't been to church in 25 years.... as if that was God's yardstick for measuring who 'makes it' and who doesn't.

How do you think people answer the final question then....

"Suppose, just suppose -- we don't wish it on anybody -- Suppose you WERE to die today and find yourself standing before God, and He were to say something to you like... 'Fred, why SHOULD I let you into my perfect heaven?'..... what would you say?"

[Stay tuned. Tomorrow we'll share the answers of a person who's now a new national Christian media mogul.]

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