Monday, May 19, 2003

Not In Broadripple, There Isn't...

[continuing re Questions on the Monon Trail]

Nope. NOT a rise in spiritual interest here... at least not among those we encounter on the Monon Trail each Tuesday. They'll gladly talk with us about spiritual things, but they virtually ALWAYS answer that question as "NO... About the same level of spiritual interest as 5 years ago."

Next question... and this tells us a lot...

"Would you say that you believe in a Supreme Being, who watches over you, and to whom you must ultimately answer? (And you can break that down however you like.)"

[Whaddaya think, folks? You have to understand, that the Broadripple area is a great place for young people here, to come hang-out, and be themselves... So there's just about every type of free-thinker known to man here, and that's probably why they're so willing to talk with us. Some just hang out on the bridge (over the neat canal we have), and others actually live under the proverbial bridge here. Mike & I have a great friend here, Eric, who loves these these kids and helps them via his ministry called Outreach, Inc.. In fact, some of us are now wanting to get together to form a collaborative Christian effort to provide a warm, welcoming, neutral environment there... say at the McCafe... at which they could ask the hard questions and study about this "Jesus", and come to their own conclusions. Perhaps start an Alpha group there. And btw, Eric is joining Dr. John Perkins in June, to speak at the Urban Strategies Seminar here in Indy.]

So what do you think? Do these kids believe in a Supreme Being? Accountable? [Stay tuned.]

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