Thursday, May 15, 2003

Appx 80% Will Gladly Talk About Spiritual Things !

Now here I start guessing.... I'm betting that 80% of Christians assume that 80% of Americans would NOT talk with us about spiritual things.

So where's the disconnect?

Btw, later this week, let me share a news story about a guy who has now risen through the Christian ranks to recently become the president of a national Christian media organization, who gained eternal life because someone took the time to ask these questions of him. Stay tuned.

Ok, back out on the trail again.... the FIRST of the 5 questions I personally like to ask, goes something like this...

"Great, you said you'd help us. So let me ask you... 'Of what general religious group would you say you're affiliated, or you've attended while growing up? And btw, how often might you guess that you attend?' "

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