Tuesday, May 27, 2003

"Suffering for Jesus... at McD's..."

[Continuing "Tales From The Trail"...(see previous log entries below)]

I just read "Conspiracy of Kindness" by Steve Sjogren (author & blogger), primarily putting forth a "refreshing new approach to sharing the love of Jesus". While questionably not-so-new, the premise is fine -- it was often part of Jesus' methods. Servant evangelism is great... Do "deeds of love" and speak "words of love". And Sjogren fills the rest of the book with suggestions about what's worked for them. It's well worth 'the read'.

But presumably to accentuate the value of his book's premise, he plays against the Elmer Gantry stereotype. In fact, Sjogren unabashedly proliferates that image among his Christian readers. In his chapter entitled, "Unlearning the E-word", he alludes to most 'personal evangelism' today as the "shark approach"... which "tend to traumatize everyone around them with their unfettered aggression", and further reminding us of "the worst characteristics of pushy salesmen"... and equating it with "enthusiastically offending people for the Lord".

Wow. While I can't speak for D.James Kennedy, Frank Wright and countless others, I can't remember any occasions when Mike & I have left any Jaws-like trails of blood on the Monon. LOL. Too bad Sjogren didn't take EE training, before overlooking an obvious remedy -- ie, evangelism TRAINING -- before doing the disservice of striking further fear into his readers' hearts.

Ok... so here's how truly fearful evangelism on the trail can be... Ready?

After knee-walking on broken-glass all the way to Broadripple, dragging our cross-sized soapboxes & a bull-horn (not)... we finally arrive at McDonald's new "McCafe"... and have a latte... and maybe take an ice-cream cone with us as we casually head out into the 'water', looking for the next 'victim' to chat with about Good News....

Bmmp a, bmmp a, bmmp a, bmmp a....

[Tomorrow... a trail-thought comes to us... 'Don't you wish....']

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