Thursday, December 29, 2005

Top 5 for 2005

Top 5 blog-posts of 2005...

Again this year, Bob Carlton (The Corner) is collecting Top-5's around the blogosphere. Makes for best-in-class reading here at year-end.

And maybe it's a good exercise for all of us -- whether it's a family newsletter at Christmas or blog-posts -- what were some of this year's items worth reconsidering?

#5 "Why Blog? Top 50 Reasons"
"Truth at the speed of light will prevail at the speed of Light."

#4 "What Keeps YOU Awake At Night?"
The devil's scheme: 'Pride & Divide'.

#3 "An Open Letter to our City Councillors"
'Human Rights Ordinance 622'

#2 "The Ultimate Win"
By one of Jesus' closest Jewish friends

#1 "Transforming the Evangelical Meme"
Debunking the Barna Divorce-rate Myth.

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