Wednesday, January 11, 2006

CCDA & Tech Mission... a perfect combo !

What an awesome time we had together at CCDA Indy 2005. The folks from TechMission (headquartered in Boston) are a very special variety of CCDA type folks -- tech-capable, well-networked, driven Christians who care about the inner-city and the digital divide that exists there. Need help? Call 'em. Check 'em out at, and be sure to sign up for their egroup, where we all share ideas from Christian community computing centers in cities across the country.

And join some us here in Indy's inner-city each Saturday, 10:00am for free computer help, fun and comradery. Surfing. Emailing. Even 'blogging'.


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Anonymous said...

hi neil! we had a great time in indy. thanks for hanging out with us! blessings, christine